How to Beat the Small Pox Controllers

by | Jan 23, 2003 | Archives

There are many who do not want to be subjected to smallpox vaccinations that may be forced upon us by controllers. Here is a way to avoid these dangerous shots.

A reader whom I know to be reliable recently sent me this message.

"Gary,While I was in the Bahamas last week, I learned something that I'd like to pass on to you.  I don't know if you have broached the subject of smallpox vaccinations yet (I searched your site but didn't find anything on it), but it is starting to become a critical issue."As you may be aware, the federal government is about to mandate that everybody in this country get smallpox vaccinations.  If you refuse to get one, you will could go to jail (which they will euphemistically refer to as a "quarantine").  "Their first project is scheduled to be in DC, where they will force 600k people to get the shots.  According to THEIR OWN ESTIMATES, several hundred people will be damaged by these shots, and approximately 30 people will actually die from smallpox.  Why?  Because (according to Bill Nelson) the strength of the vaccine is too high and is therefore not safe."Extrapolate these numbers out to include all 275 million Americans and you will get roughly 30k people damaged, and about 7,000 people who will die. "Think about that!  Seven thousand people in this country will die from smallpox, and the terrorists will not even have to lift a finger in order for it to happen!  We will be doing it to ourselves out of sheer paranoia."There is a solution to this problem for people who do not want to subject themselves to the (probably polluted) vaccinations.  It is called homeopathic smallpox vaccination.  Homoepathic vaccinations are LEGAL, and they are SAFE. "If have a certification from a homeopath that you have received the vaccination, the feds will have to accept it as a valid vaccination."Check with your local homeopath to verify this info.  If it checks out, let your clients know about this. Here are some websites with good info:

This can be highly valuable for us all. Until next message may your health be the best!