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by | Jan 20, 2003 | Archives

Here we share a free newsletter, THE PROSPERITY TIMES: which covers three very interesting topics, #1. Amazing Powers of New Children, 2. Water: Your Source of Vitality, Clarity & Connection and 3. Taking Charge of Your Soul Contract!

We are distributing our course “Sharing Power” because we believe it can really help empower you and make the world a better place. Please pass it onto your friends!

We also will have many programs in 2003 to help you gain power. The first is a Keith Varnum course May 2-3-4. We are sharing his newsletter THE PROSPERITY TIMES so you can get to know Keith's thinking better. Please email

Tomorrow's message shares lesson two of “Sharing Power and introduces the “Duck in the Pond theory”.

Until then, know that no force out there has power over you!