Global Portfolio Review

by | Jan 13, 2003 | Archives

Jyske is one of the largest banks in Denmark and over the years has become my favorite international bank. I will be speaking at their upcoming International Investment course this year in Copenhagen, August 20-24 2003. I have spoken at that course for a number of years and delegates always tell me it is one of the best courses they have ever attended. Plan now to join Merri and me there! A beautiful, safe city and a great conference.

The bank always hosts a number of top economists and investment managers to give global investment ideas plus they have feature speakers with really challenging, informative and thought provoking economic messages. For example last year's course feature Lars Kloind who built the terribly profitable Otikon. To read about this inspiring message see here

This year will also host some very unusual speakers along with the bankers, money managers and economists. One, for example, will be Stefan Rasmussen a SAS pilot that crash-landed his airplane in Sweden without any casualties. He'll talk about his near death experience and how other things than P/E, interest rates, share movements etc. play an important role in life. For more information on the August course contact Thomas Fischer at Jyske Bank.

Next message I'll explain why global investing is so important! U.S. dollar investments have lost 5% of their purchasing power in just the last couple of weeks.

Until then, good investing! Gary