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by | Jan 10, 2003 | Archives

Here is our Swiss advisor's global portfolio recommendations for the months ahead.

Dear Readers,December 30th, 2002Who told you there would be a year-end rally? And why did you believe them? Yes, we did have a nice rally in October and November and December ate it all up again. It was excellent trading opportunities; I hope you made use of them.We are at the time of the year when investors review the year soon past and are anxiously waiting for their year-end statements and looking for rosy forecasts that tally with their expectations for 2003.As for a review just reread my former messages to you. Don't shut your eyes and ears to the naked facts in your year-end statement; think about what action you could take; doing nothing and let it happen is the worst. If you need advice please feel free to drop me a line or call me. Maybe you should also give some thoughts to the constant conflict of interest situation people have that want to sell you something.And instead of a forecast I just keep reiterating: Stay prudent at this time still underweighting equity investments; participate in trading opportunities; don't be afraid of selling at a loss when you later can repurchase cheaper. We have a long trading list at present; many items we sold in November can now be repurchased. For details consult with us. And be sure to keep the structure of your portfolio in balance; it is unwise to shift too large portions to alternative investments such as hedge funds just because they had a good performance this year. Hedge fund by definition means high risk investment and your risk profile hardly allows 40 or even 60 % in this investment category. And for all the forecasts you are about to read now and in the coming weeks I want to share with you what I read this morning. Excerpts and copyright reference are attached (PDF file).It's worthwhile giving some thoughts to this and make an own assessment. I just point out to you that a weak US Dollar and a rising gold price as we are having them for the last few weeks are no rosy signs. Consumer confidence is very low too, Xmas sales never were as bad for 32 years. A war seems imminent; once it starts some uncertainty may be taken off the markets (but don't count on it); we sure will reassess the situation then.Wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year and good investingAndreas Kaegi BPCS BUELACH PRIVATE CLIENTS SERVICES

Thanks Andy! Monday we'll look more at current portfolio recommendations.

Until then, Good Investing!