7 Laws of Abundance

by | Jan 8, 2003 | Archives

Take a look at some pictures that show how to dramatically enhance your wealth.

To celebrate the New Year and serve you better, Merri, David and I have improved our website and focused it on just five main areas. Today’s message is linked to our “Inspired Investing” home page that shares seven laws of abundance.

Inspired Investing is turning your passion into profit. Do what you love and figure out how to make money instead of waste your life making money hoping you can convert that to joy! When Merri came to this conclusion we sold our wonderful Old Naples home and moved here to the farm (and our plantation in Ecuador).

The logo of our farm is the Wild Horse Spirit as this recent winter picture shows.

We chose this logo from one of our tipis. The Wild Horse Spirit lives in the spirit realm. This horse appears as a flashing light in dreams. As the dream traveler runs through your dreams he is seeking the most honorable and outrageous dreams to grant. Flying on the stream of wisdom, yet acting on whims, he seeks an untamed dreamer to fly with him!

This spirit is never broken here at the farm, come sleet rain or snow, as you can see!

As our horses recently gallivanting past the Daniel Boone cabin in a snow storm prove.

Some time in the night Mother Nature came creeping, paintbrush in hand, her whispered brush strokes worked under an obscured moon and laid bits of pure crystal and painted white robes that covered the canvas of our land.

In dawn’s purple awakening we peeked from the window and were breath taken by this snowy masterpiece. The tree planted in the middle of our creek side labyrinth stood, pulsating multi-colored beams on fresh white snow.

And it snowed and snowed all day turning the simplest field into a scene of wonder, brittle branches covered in pure white moss, dazzling gems hanging from branches and the dimmed light exploding through the fog like a beacon.

Then we had to hike in this morning glory. Out came the fur hats and we played in this pure joy.

The cabin was so snug, the creek murmured in harmony with the cracking cast iron stove.

This is how to have everlasting abundance. Get into the spirit of nature. Enjoy to the utmost simple things and see the enormous beauty that God has given us for completely free.

Let’s keep this spirit of wonder and simplicity alive and it will bring enormous balance to our lives! This is an equilibrium that helps us all see through the shams, scams and facades of the controllers. As we learn to serve in wonder, the money will take care of itself!


P.S. When the snow melts, weather warms and the wild flowers explode in glorious colors, we hope you will join us at our first course this spring!