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by | Jan 7, 2003 | Archives

To celebrate the New Year and serve you better, Merri, David and I have improved our website and focused it on just five main areas. Today's message is linked to our “Great Places to Be.”

Over 30 years of global travel, Merri and I have made more money then we ever thought possible without even trying. The reason is we simply passed through (and bought real estate) in great places to be. Thus we continually research new places and happily pass on any good ideas we come across.

This is one reason we are so gung ho about Ashe County, North Carolina.

This is also why I have recently been recommending a look in the Lake Placid, Florida area.

Great places to be can include wonderful places to travel and even states of mind.

To this end, may I introduce you to a new ezine (magazine delivered by email)launched by our travel agent and wonderful old friends Marilyn King and Robert Keeney. Marilyn has been our travel agent for more years than I care to admit and has taken care of most of our international seminars. She has extraordinary global travel experience and we have found her to give a really personal service yet always come up with the lowest price. They are now living and traveling daily in Europe with some interesting finds on “Great Places to Be”

In this day when it is common to look for fares on the Internet and many people are bypassing travel agents, you might question my advice. Well! Have a look! We were both really impressed with EASE, SPEED, CLARITY and PRICE!

The new ezine is called “Psssss…..t!” and includes interesting, insiderinformation on your travel needs plus is totally free! They have incorporated a new, user friendly fast FARE BEATER…you'll be impressed. We were looking this week for a fare for several hours on the Web and using the farebeater, beat our best price down by 25% in less than 5 minutes!

The first issue of “Psssss…..t!” includes –

“Tie Your Shoelaces” – (aka How to Survive Airport Security)…

“Visit a Castle” – Enjoy a wee bit of Irish countryside and history…

“Soar to Fantasy with the New Kid on the Block” – 50% off on Roatan's newest air service and special dive package at Fantasy Island Resort…

You will also find two free reports –

1) “Taste Wine in a Small Village”

2) “How To Enhance Your Dive Adventures”

To enjoy this free service go to

Until next message, may wherever you are be a great place to be!