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by | Jan 6, 2003 | Archives

Why so many people on this farm lived to 100 or beyond. Learn below the importance of using alkalinity to increase longevity and combat disease.

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This page shares information about products and ideas that enhance vitality, energy and feeling good plus increasing longevity.

To this end our health messages this year will look for ways to enhance the immune and hormonal system, plus cleanse the body of toxins.

Today's tip is to get your pH in an alkaline balance. Having a slightly alkaline pH balance is good for longevity. After reading the pH Miracle” by Robert & Shelly Young and for the past year studying the importance of pH balance, many things started to make sense. For example I had wondered why so many people that lived on our farm lived so long (the five head stones in the family cemetery here are age 86, 91, 95, 100 and 115). Turns out that the water in this area has the highest alkalinity (8.5) on the East coast.

In fact alkalinity is so important to health that it can be used as a universal predictor of illness. Ideal health comes in the 6.5 to 7.5 range. When body acidity drops below 6.5 many illnesses manifest themselves, such as osteoporosis, vision problems, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems and susceptibility to infection. Risks of heart disease and cancer also rise.

Medical research suggests that most cancer victims have a pH near 4.6.

Food is one key to keeping a healthy pH balance. Acid forming foods include: eggs, wine, bread, rice, beer, poultry, beef, pasta, tea, coffee and chocolate. Colas are especially hard on the system. It takes eight glasses of pure water to neutralize one cola. Most colas test out at 2.5! This is over 2 points more acidic than most of those with cancer. If you do not believe this put a penny in a bottle of coke and watch what happens! (We learned this in high school biology!) The acid in the cola will dissolve the penny.

Foods that help alkalize the body include raw apples, bananas, avocados, grapes, lemons, pears, pineapples, fresh vegetables, most fresh fruits (all pesticides washed off with Ted's Stuff of course), maple syrup, molasses, raisins and soy products.

There are also many powdered vegetables that can boost alkalinity. Merri and I are consistently and easily staying in the alkaline ranges now… drinking the “Perfect Food” and have seen some incredible effects!

We feed the “Perfect Food” to delegates when they come to our courses and have had some wonderful results even in the short time they are here.

Why not start by getting some pH tester tapes and see for yourself? (Available from health food stores and pharmacies…but don't just buy litmus paper because you need the pH chart in color to make the match.) Those who come to the farm for health courses, rush in every morning and grab the tape… and are delighted to see how their alkalinity is increasing.

We welcome your input, ideas and comments in 2003 and until next message, may your health be good and your life rich and long!


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