Property for 41 cents on the dollar?

by | Jan 3, 2003 | Archives

To celebrate the New Year and serve you better, Merri, David and I haveupdated and improved our website. We hope this makes your New Year a little bit better!

We have focused on just five areas and this message links to the International Investing Made EZ home page, which shows seven ways to invest in these difficult times. Then it shares a remarkable real estate opportunity that was just passed to me.

Our friend, Dr. Andres Cordova, a Quito based attorney, just sent me aninvestment idea for a Galapagos hotel that might be available for as little as 10 cents on the dollar. This creates an investment and business opportunity in a great place to be, where you can dramatically enhance the environment.

One of our goals is finding good international business and investmentsthat can help the world as they offer business potential and are inspired.

The Galapagos hotel is the type of opportunity we search for, an investment that can truly be meaningful and inspired yet offers high profits. Andres will present this property at our upcoming International Business Made EZ course on January 17 and Steve Rosenbaum of Jyske Bank will be there to explain how investors can borrow U.S. dollars at 3.375% to buy such a deal.

This hotel is situated on 5 acres in the Galapagos Island and beenappraised by experts from the Central Bank of Ecuador at $3,900,000. However, the asking price is for $2,000,000 but Andres believes that it may be purchased for much less (perhaps as low as $1,600,000).

Andres has been to the property twice in the past three months, and saysit's a gem. He has been told it is the best available real estate on the island.

Ninety seven (97%) of the Galapagos are a national park, hence off limitsfor private venture, the remaining 3% is open for private property, but it's pretty much all taken, so this adds to the value.

Furthermore, as the Galapagos are a highly protected and regulated area,there are severe limits as to what one can do with a property. Andres says that all new tourism projects in the islands are currently banned so this gives the hotel an added value as the property comes with all permits and licenses that allows the new owner to develop or use it in many ways.

The Galapagos Islands are special and unique, mysterious and stunning, sothis is a special window of opportunity to own a beach front property there, with all due licenses and permits.

The property is a 35-minute ride from an airport and town of 12,000inhabitants. This is the major tourism center so all facilities, phone service, cell phone service, internet, DHL, Western Union, a bank, restaurants, cafes are there.

Here are two pictures from the hotel. 20030103a.jpg 20030103b.jpg WARNING! Don't look if you don't want your heart captured!

This is a pure gem for those who love the environment and want to participate in sharing and preserving one of the most pristine ecological sites in the world. Merri and I will be looking at this and ways we can do something with delegates at the Quito course January 17-19. I hope to see you in Quito. For details on $338 tickets to Ecuador send a note to

Until next message, good investing!