Gifts at Christmas – Child of Wonder

by | Dec 25, 2002 | Archives

Merri and I wish you the merriest Christmas and look forward to sharing all 12 days of Christmas with you. This is a season rich with meaning and spirit and perhaps through this sharing we will all learn ways to make our health better, our wealth richer and our lives more fulfilled in the year ahead.

The twelve days of Christmas begin tomorrow, but this day is the big one celebrating the birth of the Child of Wonder. This is best known as the day of giving gifts. Even perhaps in our busy materialistic world the concept of gifts have overwhelmed the spirit.

Yet we can learn from giving and the three Chaldean Magi, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, who took the Baby Jesus three precious gifts. The gifts themselves do not tell the tale, but the symbols behind the offerings are what we can wisely use.

Caspar brought Gold for the King as a symbol of abundance. Melchior offered Frankincense to the Priest within the Child which signifies wisdom. Finally Balthasar carried precious Myrrh for the Physician that this Wonder Child would be… the symbol for prophesy.

They saw that Christ would be a King, a Physician and a Priest and the gifts send the message to have balance in our lives. To take care of our wealth, look after our health and maintain a positive moral spirit.

What a gift and today we hope that you share these blessed riches with us!

Gary & Merri

Merri and I would like to offer one more gift. Though most of the western world has lost the tradition, Christmas is actually a 12-day feast. I have prepared a small extra message about the meanings of each of these 12 celebrations and how the spirit of each can enhance health and wealth in our lives. To accept this gift, simple send a note to and I will send you one extra Christmas message a day beginning tomorrow, the first day of Christmas to celebrate and honor the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Until next message we wish you longer and brighter days!