Three Easy Tips for a Healthier Holiday

by | Dec 24, 2002 | Archives

Here are some easy ways to make this holiday healthier with eliminating all the treats.

This first tip comes from Dr. Weil's Weekly Wellness Bulletin (

Dr. Weil says:

A SYLVAN SETTING MAY PROLONG LIFE"Want to remain healthy and active into old age? If so, choose a neighborhood with tree-lined streets, proximity to parks and lots of sunlight. New research from Japan suggests that oldsters who live in more sylvan settings get out and about more often and survive longer than those living in noisy, gray urban areas. Results of the study, reported in the current issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, showed that of 3,144 people born between 1903 and 1918 who lived in densely populated areas of Tokyo, men and women most likely to survive during the five-year period of the study were those living near grassy or tree-filled walking areas and those who lived near parks and on tree-lined streets. Those least likely to survive were men who lived in noisy areas clogged with automobiles and factories. Also a survival factor: the number of hours of sunlight in the home."

So Tip #1 is get out in nature and walk. This will help work off the extra holiday calories and stops one from getting in a holiday thug.

By the way this is also why there will be an exodus from big cities into smalltown USA and real estate bargains still abound. Look for them in 2003 and your investments there could make this a happy New Year for you.

Tip #2 for health is for better digestion. Every health regime I have studied from the east to the west to the south begins with good nutrition and the core of that routine is better digestion. We suffer two digestive problems in the western world. One is that many of our foods no longer contain as many essential vitamins and minerals as we need. Second in our frantic paced lifestyle we do not take the time to properly digest our food. There are dozens of things that can be done to improve digestion from food combining to dietary change to slower eating to special prayer to slower, longer cooking to seasonal eating to correctly timing our eating to matching our eating to our body types!

But here is one of the simplest things you can do, that costs nothing in time or money. So replace some of your high calorie holiday drinks with a soothing cup of hot water.

Sip warm water through the day away from meals. This is calming, try it and you will see. More importantly the warm water expands the blood supply in the digestive track and improves digestion. This is also a dead simple New Year’s resolution. Drink four cups of hot water a day, one in the morning, one mid morning, one afternoon and one in the evening. Even better use the water to replace tea or coffee. Your results will run from great to miraculous. Some people have shed fat, others altered their entire personality. At the least you will feel calmer, better and have more energy regardless of how good or bad your diet is this will make your nutrition better.

Tip #3 is to replace cream laden, high calorie egg nog with soy nog. You get more protein and less than half the calories, without giving up taste. I have grown to enjoy the lighter taste. Staying away from that heavy cream also helps make it easier to take advantage of Tip #1.

Merri and I wish you a healthy and happy Christmas Eve! These ideas work through rest of the year as well so armed with these powerful ideas, I hope you find your holiday, wherever you are going, will be greatest ever!