Power in the Winter Solstice

by | Dec 21, 2002 | Archives

There is little wonder that Christmas is such a profound holiday. Look at the inspiring meaning of the Winter Solstice below.

May I introduce you to the book “The Winter Solstice, The Sacred Traditions of Christmas” by John Mathews, which was a Christmas gift to me from Merri for last year.

One theme in this excellent and beautiful 247 page tome is that the solstice is a perfect reflection of this duality we call life. The darkest, shortest day is also the beginning of the light.

Maybe this is why I am a Christmas freak, not chasing the trees and lights and decorations and presents, but seeking the deepest meaning of this spirit. The end is always the birth of dawn. I quote from this precious book.

“There is a moment of silence that occurs every year, somewhere between the dawn of Christmas and the setting sun on Christmas day itself. – a moment we have all experienced once in our lives, maybe more than once. It can silence a great city, London or New York, and it can bring stillness to our hearts, whoever and wherever we may be. It offers the promise of new beginnings, of the clean slate of a new year, and it incorporates the breathless expectancy of Christmas night itself, when a familiar figure enters our lives and changes them briefly. It is such a moment that lies at the heart of the mid winter solstice and it is the celebration of this that this book is written.”

So Merri And I send you an early Christmas gift on this winter solstice today, the gift of silence. We have built a huge bonfire where we do our meditations this eve. While in this silence we will hold you in our hearts and wish that each of you our friends, are filled with inner joy and peace.


P.S. I would like to offer one more gift. Though most of the western world has lost the tradition, Christmas is actually a 12-day feast. I have prepared a small extra message about the meanings of each of these 12 celebrations and how the spirit of each can enhance health and wealth in our lives. To accept this gift, simple send a note to 12daygift@yournewwpsite.com and I will send you one extra Christmas message a day beginning on Christmas day to help celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Until next message we wish you longer and brighter days!