What the Controllers Might Do Part II

by | Dec 19, 2002 | Archives

Yesterday's message looked at controllers in the media and how theymanipulate our lives. There we saw that there are plenty of ways that controllers attack.

Do controllers want a one world economy? If so, they got their wishbecause this has already taken place. We can get some ideas about what controllers might do next by looking at ways and places that governments have exerted ever increasing control in the financial field.

Financial privacy has been a prime target of the controllers for more than30 years. Global banking and investing have been my business and I have watched bank privacy steadily obliterated in the past three decades. They did more than just destroy privacy. Using drug dealers (and more recently terrorists) as an excuse, legislators created many crimes out of the previously normal banking and investing process. Today sending money from one account to another can be called wire fraud and is a frequent vehicle that prosecutors use. Shifting money into differing accounts becomes money laundering a serious crime of which there is great social stigma attached. The government can see anywhere into your finances now, unless you keep cash. Now laws have been created that make just holding or depositing or too much unreported cash a crime. You can even have cash seized just because you are carrying cash!

Worse, the public relations machine of the controllers has relentlesslyassociated having Swiss and Cayman bank accounts and or large amounts of cash with crime. Anyone who does either now can seem suspicious, maybe even enough to be investigated. If you don't believe it, just try opening a suitcase full of cash at an airport counter (don't really try this!) Business people who are innocent of any crime have had airport employees inform law enforcement officers that they were carrying large amounts of cash. These people were detained, searched and though they were totally legitimate and their stories plausible their money was seized. The controllers have instilled the idea into our society that there is something wrong with keeping financial affairs private.

Now abusive lawyers (another form of controller) can take advantage ofanyone with a bit of wealth with frivolous law suits.

The spirit of the Rico legislation (originally using the mafia as itsexcuse) has been so extended by prosecutors and courts that if you talk to anyone about almost anything you may be guilty of conspiracy. Certainly if you are in a business deal that loses money and draws public attention, watch out for this set of legislation.

Legalized extortion is another concern. Controllers have created a stateof affairs where it behooves regulators to encourage the public to commit crime. USA Today's Money section December 18 article proclaims, “Wall Street banks near reform deal with officials.” The story explains that 12 securities firms have agreed to pay heavy fines for misleading small investors with overly positive stock reports. The fines will total nearly one billion dollars!

Here is the crunch about this deal. That money will be split among federaland state regulators. What happened to the poor investors? This type of control is damaging for three reasons. First these fines do not come out of the pockets of the employees and directors of those banks who created these incorrect reports. The one billion dollars is taken from the owners of the companies. These are the very same shareholders who were ripped off in the first place.

Second, paying the fines makes it less likely that the banks will pay backthe people who lost in the first place. And the fines will hinder them from providing a better banking service. Businesses do not pay bills, fines or tax. They pass these costs along to customers.

Third, all this money encourages legislators to keep the crimes coming.This is big business for them. It behooves them to be loose in the first place. Where were the regulators during the time the banks were deceiving their customers? Don't the regulators gain from letting business fudge as much as possible so they can be fined?

The controllers are at work in the insurance field as well. First, theytook over our normal relationships. In the health field they separated us from our doctors, by hooking us on the insurance that promised free health care. Then they took over by dictating how much could be paid and even controlling what type of treatment can be given to whom. The population became puppets to the insurance benefits, and the doctors became controlled by the insurance firms. In business they separated us from our customer by paying so many frivolous lawsuits that it has become common place. The controllers separated us from our common sense by cheaply insuring homes that sit in flood zones and are at risk from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Once we became hooked on the system the controllers even went further,calling for governments to take the risk. Today governments insure most flood plain homes (and the system is managed by insurance companies who profit without risk). The government is considering universal health care and the government is the insurer of last resort in acts of terrorism.

Business gave way to governments for airport security and thesecontrollers will want more! A December 2 USA Today headline proclaims, “Portable missiles concern senators. White House urged to protect airliners.” This excuse will be used to allow the newly formed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to gain more control over us whenever we travel.

This concept began with the enforcement of wearing seat belts. Why onearth do we care if another person wears a seat belt or not? Don't try the social cost excuse. This is a controller favorite. Once the trend of intruding into others private lives (beyond making sure they don't intrude in ours), there seems to be no turning back.

Watch for this TSA to grab more control over anyone traveling. Watch whatthey will do to truckers (at risk from terrorists). This could even apply to cruise ships. Here is a coin I am waiting to drop. Does it seem suspicious that numerous groups have become ill on different cruise ships? If you were a terrorist, what is the easiest way to spread a virus all over the U.S.? How about infecting an entire cruise ship with a slow growth virus that the passengers take back to their homes al over the country? Could someone be trying or testing? Just this thought will be enough to give controllers power to take more control.

They are past the legislating stage as well. Senator Bob Graham made thisclear when speaking of the missile risk to airliners and stating that the TSA had the authority to do what was required without congressional approval.

We can learn how the controllers hide beneath layers of business. Taketobacco for instance. The tobacco industry used Madison Avenue to imbue the smoking spirit in our society for their own profit. They even put stuff in the tobacco to make it harder for us to quit. The government played a big part in the game enjoying huge taxes on every puff or chew of the stuff. They cleaned up financially on the tobacco act. Yet when they saw a chance, the controllers took even more. The tobacco companies made too much profit so the government fined them even more (while still subsidizing the growing of tobacco). Now that MacDonald's has been sued for advertising in a way that makes people obese, look for a new sin tax to increase the cost of eating refined sugar, flour and grease..

These are the type of controllers that make more sense to me. I canbelieve that governments and businesses are run by people who get caught up in the cash. Greed is such a common human trait! This sum total of many individuals and groups all taking a selfish, short-term view creates a multi faceted desire for control. Our short term views allows these people to gradually do this to us. This seems more plausible than a group of secret societies dating back to Egyptian times. If these organizations were so smart to stay organized for so long they, would know better than to use negative energy in this way.

Whoever the controllers are, the really big question is whether we can doanything about this disturbing trend. Fortunately there is and we'll finish this series by looking at what we can do tomorrow. Until then may all your businesses be great!