Surviving the Controllers

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USA Today November 29. Here's an obscure article you may have missed.

"US air force jets were sent Wednesday to investigate a mysterious vapor trail reported by an airline pilot over the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean and later over Florida and Indiana, the Pentagon said. Defense officials said fighter jets from several bases sought unsuccessfully to find aircraft that might have been the source of the contrail.  The North American Aerospace defiance Command said it is working FAA officials to further investigate the report."

Do you know what this means?

Many readers believe there is a sinister conspiracy behind these reported trails and that they are part of an active plot to weaken the populace to ease the creation of a one-world government that dominates all people. The thread of this thought is woven deeply enough in Western society that I used this concept as the theme of my novel The 65th Octave.

But is there really a mysterious group that has been secretly working for generations to take over the world?

I doubt it, at least in the sense that there has been one organized group. No evidence of this has convinced me. However I do believe there are many self-serving interests that do manipulate our lives in a negative way for their own benefit. A previous message at lists 21 real controllers we can actually see that are acting to dominate our lives right now.

Governments are just one of these controllers. Many people are disturbed by the continuing loss of civil liberties (especially in the U.S.) to governments.

There is a wonderful site that typifies the comments I have heard from readers about changes we have seen over recent years. Robert Bauman, an attorney and general counsel to the Sovereign Society, ( recently wrote an article entitled “United States of America Land of the Unfree” that said we have lost so many liberties to the USA Patriot Act that we should consider leaving the country. He writes that this law was passed unread by Congress and gives the FBI and CIA and other police agencies unprecedented powers including unchecked surveillance of the Internet without a court order, the ability to secretly search homes and offices without notifying the owner. Plus he writes that the government has gained the right to eavesdrop on accused defendant's conversations with their lawyers.

Others even feel that the attack on America was part of this plot aimed at panicking Western society into giving up their rights.

Has this really been part of an organized plot? This is such a difficult thing to know that it is little wonder I dealt with this in fiction rather than in a how to book.

There are so many questions. For example, are we losing our freedoms? For many this is not true. The recent fuss Trent Lott created shows that many minorities have gained freedom.

A five series article entitled, “Against Their Will” in the Winston Salem Journal ( caused such a fuss that the Governor of North Carolina was forced to make an apology. According to the December 13 front page article, a North Carolina eugenics program ran from 1929 all the way through 1974 sterilizing more than 7,600 people. This program exaggerated claims that mental illness; genetic defects and social ills could be eliminated by sterilization. Children as young as ten years of age were sterilized. By the 1960s the program was targeting young blacks and was often characterized by coercion and flawed intelligence testing. What makes this even worse was that California and Virginia had even larger Eugenics programs!

I suspect that people who were targeted by such testing now feel freer than before.

Information such as this is disturbing in that it shows how much terror a misguided controller can reign on people. Yet it is comforting to see that a more knowledgeable and easy to contact population can destroy such controllers when aroused.

The next question is will this get worse? Undoubtedly. History suggests that everything (bodies, states, economies, technology, even the earth, goes through a set cycle from birth to death. We would be denying the essence of nature if we thought that America or any country would remain as it always has been.

Who is behind this? Whether the plot is organized or not and by whom, is really a moot point. There are enough controllers we can see who are trying to manipulate our thoughts, attitudes, opinions, diets, wants, needs and desires. These manipulators rarely have our best interests in mind. Spending our time trying to figure out a mastermind is probably a waste of time.

There are bigger questions and a larger issue. The first bigger question is why would someone want to restrict freedom? By now it is obvious to everyone that freedom gives more to everyone and that totalitarianism does not work.

The second question is how are these controllers likely to attack and the most important question is what can we do about them?

Why? This would appear to be the nature of things. As just mentioned, if we look into history we can see that all societies have evolved. I wrote about this clear back in the 1970s in my first book, “Passport to International Profit” and called this evolution “The Concept Conversion Trick”. Here is what the book said.

“The Concept Conversion Trick works like this: A government starts when people agree on a good concept for working and living together. The people go to work and if the concept is good they will create a paradise. The government gives them a flag and a song. Then they pull the trick. They convince the people that the flag and song are important while the people are busy watching the flag and singing the song the government replaces the concept with a set of ever increasing written rules and regulations administered by bureaucrats and backed up by a police force.

“This trick trades people's individual freedoms for a shiver up the spine and when a song is played or a piece of cloth waved. It turns spirit into matter. Like trading love for a beautiful plastic doll. When the trick has been pulled, the dust settled, the people realize too late what happened. Anyone who steps out of line is called unpatriotic or even criminal. He is swatted down by the bureaucracy or police force, crushed with overwhelming power or made an example so others will tow the mark for the good of society. All this is done in the name of public interest.”

I fear that we may be at the too late stage (or too soon for things to be so bad that they will get changed). If this sounds prophetic having been written over 25 years ago, it was not. Any simple review of all the past great societies show that they evolved in the same way. Like the Roman Empire, things may get better for a while and then worse and then better, but in the long term, as societies age, they lose their original vibrancy and life.

Should we be surprised? Does not every single thing in this universal existence develop in the same way, vibrant and flexible while young and growing thicker and more brittle with age?

My father loved animals and worked at the Portland City Zoological Gardens. He was a really kind, gentle, fair and scrupulously honest man. Yet one of his jobs was doing the zoo's annual budget and I recall him spending weeks late at night (on his own time) working over these budgets each year. I also remember him telling me that every year they had to ask for more money because otherwise the city government would give them less. “If we do a good job with their funds, they penalize us,” he told me.

This is how the bureaucracy and society works, millions of small units each trying to grow and spend a little more, until the whole thing swells into an unstoppable mass of self-interest. This is the universal nature to grow until the growth becomes so excessive that balance is lost!

This is why a conspiracy exists and this truth means that the conspiracy runs far deeper than any man or group. The nature of mankind and every underlying force goes from birth to continuity and then transformation. That is the way of life.

Tomorrow we look at how the attack will come and what to do about it.


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