Spices for Cancer Prevention

by | Dec 14, 2002 | Archives

Last week's health message showed that many powerful healing tactics are simple and free. Here you can learn another free way to enhance your well-being that is delicious as well.

Certain nutrients and/or customs can have a profound effect on life. Some cultures have no heart disease, others little cancer or diabetes, etc.

A reader recently shared an Indian spice mix listed in Dr. Hari Sharma's book, “The Answer to Cancer“, that can help create a culture with less cancer. The nice part is there is virtually no cost and if you like curry using this is just pure pleasure and joy.

Mix 6 parts ground turmeric, 3 parts ground cumin, 3 parts ground coriander, 6 parts ground fennel, 1 part ground ginger, 1 part ground pepper and 1/4 part ground cinnamon. Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per person to curry mixes. Heat Ghee (clarified butter) with the mix until you smell the aroma and stir into your curry mix or simply sprinkle the ground spices on food.

This is a spicy way to better health that almost anyone can enjoy. Until next message I wish the best health and high energy to you.