Wow. More Controversy. This is good.

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We recently saw how our messages about investing in tax liens have created concerns. But a recent article about using colloidal silver raised an even bigger storm! I had so many readers telling me how great this product is yet many others saying it's a quacky thing this is. Share with me here some of the thoughts that readers have expressed.

Our message about colloidal silver showed how to obtain a report that describes its benefits and shows how to make it inexpensively. See Few messages have produced so many responses, both positive and negative.

For example one reader wrote:

"Gary, Love your emails and news; but be careful with silver. Please see    the    report on Rosemary Jacobs, which says:
Right after starting high school at the age of 14, Rosemary volunteered to    work    in the local hospital as "candy stripers." The hospital was run by    a Catholic    order of nursing sisters who required that all new volunteers attend a class    at    their convent once a week on Saturday mornings. The nun who gave the course    was    also a nurse and a pharmacist. One morning when I walked in she was very    startled by my appearance. "Why are you that color?" she asked. What    color? No    one had noticed that my color was weird until then. She repeated, "Why    are you    that color? Ask the doctor." Suddenly everyone noticed. I was slate-gray.    We had    a family friend, a general practitioner, who made an appointment for me to see    a    dermatologist. Meanwhile, Saturday rolled around again and I went back to class.       This time Sister greeted me with, "You're taking nose drops, aren't you?"    I told    her I was. "Stop," she said. "They have silver in them. That's    why you're gray." 
She had seen another nursing sister at the hospital with the same skin    discoloration, which was also caused by nose drops, probably from the same    doctor who was on their staff. The dermatologist took one look at me and    diagnosed argyria - a permanent, irreversible skin discoloration caused by the       ingestion of silver. 
A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis showing all the little specks of silver in    my    skin. Unfortunately, that is the only information that I have ever been able    to    get about the drug that disfigured me. No one ever sued doctors back then."
I had heard about blue people before writing about colloidal silver and    researched this aspect of colloidal silver before sending that message. You    can    see what the author of the colloidal silver report has to say about people    turning blue and see how the establishment is trying to blind the public to    the    benefits of this product.  

Another reader wrote:

"I appreciate your holistic approach in including health issues as well   as economic topics in your messages. The benefits claimed of colloidal   silver are, to put it colloquially, too good to be true. Such claims in   economic matters, such as stock tips, are supposed to ring alarm bells   in our heads, as you and many others keep reminding us. I wonder if   colloidal silver falls in this category. 
The link on colloidal silver in your e-mail claims to dispel the awful   "argyria" myth (or, where are all those "blue people" anyway?).    The   following recent article on one of those blue people would make me think   twice about trying colloidal silver."

To see this information please email email This long email message provides some incredible details and is frightening in that it shows how part of the establishment is trying to stop the public from gaining a clear view of this product.
For those who want a short answer. The lady the reader refers to above did not obtain argyria from colloidal silver but from silver nitrate, an entirely different product.
But let's look at what other readers had to say.

   "Gary, You have now entered the field of quackery, which should have been    below    you. There is nothing new in silver colloidal and it has not been stopped by       FDAS. Suggest you do a bit of research. Go to Google: Search Colloidal silver.       Do it again. Search Colloidal Silver and FDA...there are many more. The product       could be is an old medicine that has been used and discarded by       medicine." 

I agree with the reader above that this is an old healing substance that modern medicine no longer uses as was yoga, acupuncture and untold numbers of herbs. Whether it is quackery or not, is another matter. I have used colloidal silver for years myself (it was recommended to me by both my Doctor and Dentist) and found it effective. There are many things that modern medicine now prescribes I would not think of letting touch my lips (or skin or eyes or hair, etc.). Certainly there are many doubts and questions about the substance and the integrity of products used in modern medicine.

Plus I received many notes of support about colloidal silver also.

"Dear Gary,
Great article on Colloidal silver. Here is an article on how they are using    it    to overcome malaria in Africa.
   Clifton Mining (CFTN-OTC) and American Biotech produce a colloidal silver    compound that arrests the effects of malaria. The mosquito-born fever kills    2.7    million people a year, mostly African children. The world spends $300 million    a    year on malaria control and a WHO progress report on the $700 million Roll Back       Malaria campaign conducted over the past two years has achieved little. UN    Secretary General Kofi Annan is from Ghana, where successful tests have been       completed, which in hospital trials shows that American Biotech and Clifton       Mining's colloidal silver product ASAP arrests the effects of malaria. The two       companies' representative met this week with WHO executives to discuss the    possible use of ASAP via the World Health Organization. Malaria costs the    African economy $12 billion a year." Here is another happy colloidal silver       user. "Gary, excellent info on colloidal silver. A few months ago, I began    using    a product called Sea Silver. To make a long story short, it is a LIQUID multi-   vitamin/mineral product made from a lot of seaweeds and other stuff. One of    its    primary ingredients, is colloidal silver, so I get a dose of it every day. I       think it's a great product, especially because it is liquid (about 10 times    more    easily absorbed that pills or capsules). Here is a web page that lists its    ingredients: Check it out, see what       you think." 

I hope all these views will help you have a broader understanding of colloidal silver and much more. Like almost everything I write about, I use this myself and like it. This means more to me than all the FDAs, AMAs, quackery sites and positive endorsements as well. I feel that colloidal silver works for me. Whether it might work for you depends on many factors. But I recommend give it a try (this is the only way to really know) before you just write it off. This can be a valuable tool. But also keep the maxim I have written about before in mind “Medicine is dose.” See my online catalog