Crossroads and mobile wealth. An investment and business opportunity.

by | Nov 26, 2002 | Archives

We previously shared ideas about crossroads. The point? Look beyond coincidence and act. See below how crossroads create a new opportunity now.

Our latest International Business Made EZ course was just completed in Orlando. Threads from several speakers entangled to create an excellent way of enhancing wealth.

First Ted Thomas the tax lien guru spoke about the high, safe returns from these government, guaranteed investments go to

Then tax attorney Joe Cox reviewed the enormous tax and asset protection benefits gained from doing business out of the country where you live. (Joe’s email address is He reviewed the last (fun) loophole and how owning your own foreign business (even operated from home) makes more sense than ever. He explained how this is the ultimate tax shelter. More importantly, he showed how it provides freedom to choose where you live, work and earn. This loophole can wipe out taxes forever and won't change because governments everywhere want local goods sold abroad. This is a tactic called the Circle of 100 and I and others have used it to finance business abroad-eliminate tax and improve the world. There are many ways to finance your business as you operate in conjunction with investors abroad to create wealth, eliminate tax and help the poor at the same time.

Then as I was speaking on the enjoyable, horizon broadening power of traveling globally to meet the wealthiest segment of other societies (rather than just traveling as a tourist) an international business idea began to grow.

This is a perfect time to buy US tax liens as investors. There are three reasons why these appeal so much now. First, they offer such a high returns (up to 25%). Second, tax liens are very safe. Investors pays their checks to the government and get their checks back from the government. Third, interest rates for other safe, U.S. dollar investments are at record lows now.

These liens create a killer business opportunity as well. Here is how simple having an international tax lien business is. #1: Learn how to buy tax liens (which counties to choose, how to check out the properties in the counties and how to buy the liens at auction). #2. Pick the country (or countries) where you want to visit and do business. #3: Contact investors in the country you choose. #4: Offer these investors a deal and charge a percentage of the profits they make for selecting and buying the liens for them. #5: Set the deal up so you never have to touch their money. #6: Wait for the liens to get cleared. #7: Collect a part of each lien that is paid. If the liens you buy for your investors average 15% return and if you get 25% of the deal you make $37,500 for each million dollars you help investors invest….each year! At 25% return the income rises to $62,500 per annum.

The sledge hammer idea came while talking about Borrow Low Deposit High and Jyske Bank's Invest Loan. I immediately saw how to combine low cost loans with tax liens! The current rates from Jyske are 3.375% in USD and 1.625% in JPY. You can get full details about Jyske’s invest loans from Thomas Fischer at

This created an entirely new idea for business as well as for investors. Millions of investors are sitting on equity portfolios they do not want to liquidate. But the investors would like to increase earnings from these portfolios. They can by using the portfolios as collateral for low interest loans, which are then invested in tax liens.

This is a good idea for any investor who would like to enhance the earning power of their portfolio.

Borrow at 3.375% and invest at 15% to 25%! This is an extra powerful idea that will work for investors locally as well as abroad.

Yet this creates an excellent business idea. This was confirmed upon my return from the seminar. Two letters were waiting for me from excited readers. Here is what they wrote:

“Thanks for the information regarding the Tax Lien Business. I have been looking for a business that I can operate without boundaries. This may be the one. I ordered the Ted Thomas Quickstart Course last week. It arrived on Tuesday. I have already read the material through once. How can I get in contact with investors? I ask for two reasons. First I would like the help in getting started and second this could be a part of my business.

Thanks in advance for your help.”

And another reader wrote:


I've read your daily e-mail – 'How to create a business with tax liens.' Such a business of inspecting, buying and bidding for others is a business you can TAKE ANYWHERE.

I am forever thinking about, and pondering how I can build my OWN international businesses (marketing, consulting, property investing, optimum health, import-export), similar to how you relate to in PEIC investing.

I wonder how could I be of service to suitable contacts who may have the resources to get involved in this business, but don't want to actively engage in the day-to-day work.. but need just an individual like me to do the elbow work, apply the smarts, find and secure deals for them, and in return, I earn whatever the agreed contingency fee is.

This could help me achieve personal freedom, independence, excitement and joy that can be shared… a career that one can be proud and energized about… and this is possible ultimately I believe, by pursuing one's passions… and not just next month's 'safe' employee paycheck. PEIC investing in action I guess.

I wonder if there is the potential for a win-win match here as described above?”

These two notes intensified my thoughts. Having been in the international investment business for two decades I know there are millions of overseas investors who want to invest in the U.S. They want safety first and high returns second. Tax liens give them both. Third, millions of these investors also have equity portfolios that have crashed. These investors do not want to liquidate their holdings but would love to get an extra 10% to 15% of income from their holdings. These investors can use their existing portfolios as collateral fro an Invest Loan at Jyske bank (or similar loans at other investment banks abroad). They can borrow U.S. dollars at 3.375% from Jyske and can then invest in U.S. government guaranteed tax liens that pay up to 18.75% (even after paying you 25% of the profits made)!

Learn what Jyske says about this in tomorrows message. Until then, good investing!


PS, I have added a speaker from Jyske bank to talk about Invest Loan and tax liens our next International Business Made EZ course in Quito Ecuador. For more details go to