Medical problems resolved at very low costs

by | Nov 25, 2002 | Archives

Here is what this reader says:
“Hello Gary,

I am enjoying your daily emails, and I find the ones on business

opportunities,     health and Ecuador are those that I derive most benefit

from. Here’s an update of some experiences I’ve had since arriving in

Ecuador in late August; they may be of interest to your readers.


I can certainly vouch from my personal experiences that private health

care here     is top notch and relatively cheap – although not for the

average Ecuadorian.

I would like to thank you for the info about your dentist. I received

very professional treatment from Dr. Jiminez and his team of

dentists. (I referred him to my dentist Dr Marco Jimenez Pena tel:

593-22-430729).The overall cost for 7 visits , 4 for the crown, and 3

for fillings and a clean-up, came to $345. What’s more they are using

lasers now so it was all pain-free.

Also, on Thursday evening, my partner gave birth to our son Luke. We

chose a clinic based on the fact that Alejandra felt very

comfortable with the resident doctor. The birth was without

complications and both Alejandra and Luke are fine. We stayed one night

in the clinic. Everyone knows that the Metropolitano and Nova clinics

are those with the best reputations. Yet Luke was born in a smart clinic

in the north of Quito that few of our friends had heard of before; it is

a rather small clinic. The attention was first rate with two doctors and

a nurse in attendance at the birth. The cost was $265 for the clinic and

doctor’s fees. We were so happy with their services that we will be

buying cases of wine as presents that they can enjoy during the up-

coming festivities.

To my mind Gary, the above illustrates to any would-be investors in

Ecuador that     medical costs are cheap, and good healthcare is to be

found not just in the prestigious clinics but also a wider array of


Residence visas.

I have had the good luck to find a lawyer (recommended by a friend of

Alejandra) who is an absolute expert with immigration law, it’s what

she specialises in. Due to her knowledge and work I now have a 10-II

residence visa. I needed to deposit $1,400 with the Bank of Ecuador (

returnable on leaving the country permanently or when taking

nationality), pay $200 for the visa and $400 because I applied for it

while inside the country ( this could possibly be avoided if the

applicant obtains a preliminary 6 month visa in their own country

prior to leaving). The lawyer’s normal fees are $300.

In other words one can just turn up here on a 90-day visa. You don’t

need to       buy a property or invest in a business or be a

pensioner. You just need $2,300 and $1,400 of that is returnable.

I think this lawyer could offer a great service to other people coming

here. Her name is Cristina Zarate. She is a qualified lawyer with

offices at Santa Prisca No.315 y Carlos Ibarra Ed. Leon Of. 303. I found

her to be very professional in all of our 5 or so meetings, accompanying

me to the bank and the 2 government offices. Her phone number is 2512542

but a better bet is her mobile 09 386-782. She speaks very limited

English but I have offered my intermediate Spanish to translate the

basic requirements if potential clients can’t speak Spanish – or

alternatively a professional translator is moderately expensive.

May wherever you are be a great place to be.

P.S. We are heading south to Ecuador in January where I will have my dental work done for the year as well as a follow up treatment on a small skin cancer (the full radiation treatment last year was a whopping $120). Anyone who wishes to join us for our Global Health Secrets and or International Business Made EZ course and wants to have some medical or dental services taken care of at the same time, let me know in advance.