Great Business Opportunity

by | Nov 7, 2002 | Archives

I have had many enquiries from non Americans about investing in tax liens. These enquiries create a unique business opportunity for U.S. citizens and non citizens alike. See what this reader from Austria wrote:

	"Dear Gary,I am very interested investing in tax lien certificates. 

Could I participate in this business from Austria per (email? Would you

recommend Ted Thomas¥ "Quick Start Introduction To Secure Tax Liens and

Deeds Home Study Course" and how much is its cost

($297+shipping/handling to Austria) and how to order it? Or is there a

downloadable online version available from Ted or another author you

could recommend? Sincerely,"

My reply explains a business opportunity that can create a continuing global income for anyone.

Any nationality can participate in tax liens. For example Ted Thomas just concluded a series of seminars in Canada and hundreds of Canadians attained. However my recommendation is that only those who are going to inspect properties personally should invest in the liens. Otherwise there is a risk that liens on properties that have problems can create ownership in land with less value than the lien. If you like this type of experience and want to travel to the U.S., then investing in these liens makes good sense. You can get most of the data you need before your travels but should visit the U.S. and look at every property before you invest.

If you cannot do this, I don't recommend it.

This fact also creates a good business opportunity for someone who wants to inspect properties for other investors. For example if you took a 10% interest in liens that averaged 15% return every million dollars others invested would pay you $15,000 a year income! For more details on investing in tax liens go to



This is a business idea that can allow you to travel anywhere you wish in the world as there are investors everywhere and they are all looking for better returns now. What can be better than up to 24% per annum guaranteed by a U.S. government agency?

Until next message may all you businesses be good!