Great Places To Be

by | Nov 6, 2002 | Archives

Herbal oils flow, soothing ointment, tactile and warm on the skin. The soft quietnessin a heated room. For many years Merri and I spent weeks at an Ayurvedic spa in Lancaster, Massachusetts where three medical directors, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Douillard and Dr. Jay Glaser helped us dramatically improve our health using ancient cleansing techniques called panchakarma. Now there is an opportunity to enjoy this incredible health benefit in a most wonderful place to be.

Not only did Merri and I gain better health, we gained friendships with the doctors and I have written often about John Douillard's latest book the “Three Season Diet”.

In addition Merri and I have had many adventures (climbing mountains and visiting sacred healing sights) with Dr. Glaser and his wife, Danielle. Jay is an incredible physician-a Western trained M.D.-who then lived many years in India learning ayurvedic medicine and pulse diagnosis. While at the spa Jay treated hundreds of famous patients including members of the royal family, the Beatles and other notables.

This is why I want you to know that Jay & Danielle are taking a group of friends and clients to India for 18 days this winter on A Vedic Journey to the East and we invite you to join them.

The group will be visiting sites of importance to anyone interested in health, longevity and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as seeing shrines of beauty, such as the Taj Mahal. The tour will take you to places and give you experiences that may change your life forever. During your stay you will meet Vedic scholars and Ayurvedic physicians, visit forests and plantations where herbs are grown and prepared, and have several days of Ayurvedic treatments. Jay and Danielle will accompany the group and provide knowledge about Ayurveda and the Vedic sciences.

After arriving in Delhi and touring its great Moghul palaces, you will spend several days in regions of the Himalayas sacred to yogis, then travel to Agra and see the Taj. Then you fly to Khajuraho to fascinating, erotic jungle temples before flying to Varanasi, the timeless, holy city of the Ganges. In Varanasi you experience Vedic India at its most transparent, and visit the most reputable Ayurvedic medical colleges.

Though this is a long journey it is one of healing and Jay guarantees that you will return home rested because you will end the trip near the southern tip of India, in an intimate resort with fine sand beaches, where you will have Ayurvedic treatments as well as experiencing the south Indian culture and its shrines of Vedic importance.

Best of all, this magical odyssey will cost less than a week's stay at a spa. The price for the entire tour within India including 17 nights and meals at top hotels, a 15 day Visit India airline pass, air-conditioned coaches, guides, classical concerts, several boat excursions (but excluding airfare to Delhi) is only $2800 and their agent can arrange the most comfortable flights with the best fares from your home to Delhi.

If this trip interests you please see Jay's website at for a complete brochure on the tour.

If you can't come, but want a Vedic consultation for health let me know this as well as Jay does telephone consultations or you can visit him at his medical center in Sterling, Massachusetts.

Until next message may everywhere you go be a great place!