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More than cash!

Beat the Recession, Crashing Markets and Low Interest Rates With Seven

Money Making Secrets For Everlasting Wealth that Allow you to…

  • Live Wherever You Choose
  • Add $3,458.24 Per Month Extra Income!
  • Gain 380% Profit In One Month-Or Better

Dear International Friend,After years of search, I found the perfect way to make and keep money. It was so good that when I invested $3,600, within a month $13,706 had been returned to me. My return on that original investment was 380% in just one month. Yet I expected (and did) make even more!

Some things are more important than money and this discovery allowed me to live a free, healthy life and attempt to do some good in the world as well! Enjoying this kind of profit again and again, was so exciting I began a three day course that shares seven secrets that could help my friends and readers make the same type of money themselves. Some friends tell me that this course changed their entire lives.

Now because of the recession I am making this course even better by lowering the enrollment fee by $1,501!

This message explains how despite the recession and despite crashing markets you can make returns, as I have, of 660% in just a month and even more. If you have been reading my messages regularly you know I am conservative so let me make one thing clear.

There is no one easy way to make the kinds of returns I am writing about though investments. This type of profit requires extra work, dedication, understanding and perseverance. Again and again, I have made as much as 835% in one short month on small amounts invested. A few thousand dollars, here, a few thousand there and the amounts start to add up. To get such returns I have done more than just invest. I have operated a three phase PIEC investing plan.

My upcoming International Investing and Business Course in Quito Ecuador on February 13-15 explains how you can make these types of returns and covers seven specific concepts in three information packed days that covers the following subjects.

  • #1: How to set up your three phase PIEC investing andbusiness plan.
  • #2: How to use publishing in business or as abusiness.
  • #3: How to use seminars in or as a business.
  • #4: How to write to make money.
  • #5: Small import-export businesses you can start immediately.
  • #6: How to use the Internet to make your business,publishing and seminars succeed.
  • #7: Global economics, where investments make most sense now and how to use the latest tax savings and asset protections systems.
  • This course offers even more. You will learn how to gain things in life that are more important than cash-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…by combining very small amounts of money with your time and energy.

    Who is This Course For?

    This course is for those who would already have a business and want to expand and those who would like their own business for fun and profit. Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, Doctors, dentists, lawyers, retired folks, couples wanting to get into business together and insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second source of income. Your business can be used to shift the cost of marketing into a profit center.

    If you want your own full or part time business, or want to build your existing business you should sign up for this course in Quito Ecuador, February 13-15 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

    If you cannot attend in person you can start the course on cassette tape ($299) or you can order the printed course for $199 (or have it delivered over the internet for only $99).

    Don't miss this opportunity. Sign up as soon as possible if you want to be one of the few that shares publishing and the satisfying, profitable and exciting lifestyle it brings with Merri and me in Ecuador.

    Your Friend,

    Gary Scott

    P.S. One section in the course shows how I turn a $950 direct mailing into $118,500 in three weeks. I added $9,875 a month to my income! This information is worth the cost of the course alone.

    Here are comments from delegates who attended our course:

    “The course was excellent covering all the facets of business. The philosophy of keeping small with no employees alone made the course invaluable. Gary and Merri you were excellent!” S K – Businessman Georgia

    “Your course helped me to crystallize and clarify ideas about ecology. They showed ways to personally combine them in a personally engaging and potentially profitable way. I especially appreciated the practical advice on organizing and marketing-turning ideas into products that sell and make a profit.” G K – MD – California

    “The course gave me insight on what to do with widening my client base.” M E – Real Estate Broker – Florida

    “The idea of starting at the lowest cost level was terrific.” R B – Housewife, Washington

    “The course helped me in three ways. #1: To realize that it is not only OK but preferable to start small. #2: A small point but with big implications was Merri's description of how she is going to make Gary an expert in the sport's field. #3: I feel I have a workable program to have a newsletter-my own passion!” T B – Professional, Washington

    “Thank you for taking the mystery out of business and bringing it down to the ham and eggs level.” J L – Chiropractor – Oklahoma

    “The course fulfilled all my expectations providing all the details necessary to start a business from creating the idea, through marketing including the systems necessary to implement our ideas.” B C – Chiropractor – California

    “Jam packed with vital information. My head is spinning. Thank goodness this is all backed up by your manual. This is a true and cherished gift. Your tips on low cost publishing are a blessing! Thank you once again for an outstanding course. The value far exceeds the price.” B K – Investor – Pennsylvania

    You can enroll now at our online catalog

    Why Ecuador

    You may well wonder why we are conducting this course in Ecuador?

    This course is about how to have a business anywhere, but Ecuador has been a special favorite for years now because Merri and I began living and working in Ecuador eight years ago.

    Ecuador is a tiny South American country but enormously rich as the closest source to North America (just a 3 hour and 45 minute flight) of 12 hours of direct equatorial sunlight a day, 365 days a year. This mountain nation has a rich Pacific coast on the west and one of the most incredible diversities in the world. Because this country sits on the equator but is coastal and mountainous, it has the same bio- diversity as all the territory ranging from Ecuador to the Arctic Circle.

    The country is a tourist delight offering sights, sounds and goods at prices so low it is hard to believe. As an emerging economy, the place is ripe with business potential, especially now that it has been through its worst depression in history. Yet the nation has some incredibly skilled labor that works for as little as 75 cents an hour. Everyone in Ecuador wants things from America and Europe. Ecuador offers products and services at rock bottom prices. In short Ecuador is an incredible bargain basement business opportunity now.

    We have developed people on the spot to help you be independent and have more income and security as you enjoy overseas travel. Here are a few of the items for example we have identified that are currently attractive for export.

    • Carved wood, architectural and decorative woods designs in San Antonio de Ibarra.
    • Ceramics from Cuenca.
    • Furniture from Quito, Cuenca.
    • Carpets from Guano.
    • Silver and Gold jewelry from Chordeleg.
    • Paintings from all over Ecuador.
    • Textiles from Otavalo.
    • Leathers from Cotacatchi.
    • Flowers from the Andes.
    • Eco-Tourism of all sorts….plus much more.

    This course is about much more than just import export and is not just theory. Yet even the import export lessons alone are worth the cost of the course! Here are a just a few of the items, what they cost in Ecuador and how much they sold for in past via existing businesses there. These costs below include merchandise, shipping, duties, customs and advertising.

    Santos (religious statues) sold: St. Theresa – total cost $300.00 sold for $960.60 net $660.60 – turn around time 1 month

    Virgin of Quito – total cost $38.00 sold for $156.00, net $ 118.00 – turn around time 3 weeks. St. Anne – total cost $42.00, sold for $150.00, net $108.00 – turn around time 3-1/2 weeks. Choir angel – total cost $35.00, sold for $115.00, net $80.00 – turn around time 10 days

    Santo vestments: Burgundy cope, total cost $18.00, sold for $118.00, net $100.00 – turn around time 2 weeks. Dark Blue vestment, total cost $15.00, sold for $80.00, net $65.00 turn around time 2 weeks. Lot of 5 vestments – total cost $85.00, sold for $300.00 – sold before purchased!

    Christmas ornaments: Sold over 1,000 masapan ornaments for $1.95 each. Total cost $.25 each, net profit $1.70 each.

    You gain all the above in the three day course International Business Made EZ which I will conduct in Quito February 13-15. The fee is only US$499 (hotel, food and air fare not included) or $749 for a couple. Merri and I hope to meet you there!


    To enroll now go to our catalog