Spooky Thoughts on Halloween

by | Oct 31, 2002 | Archives

Today's economic headlines tell us that as the economy stalls interest rates may again fall. This is a spooky thought for any investor who recognizes that there are risks in stocks and that bonds are now bringing record low yields. Where does one invest?

There truly is a silver lining in every cloud and this one is the fact that though low interest rates are bad for investors, they are extremely good for business. Never before has it been so inexpensive to finance the startup of a small business.

There are two other reasons why you should be looking at having (or expanding) a business now. USA Today's front-page article on October 24 2002 was entitled “Over-50s have little time to fix slashed portfolios.” The sub-title to the article says “Work hard, Save your money. And when you retire, take your dreams and cut them in half. Or put them aside.”

What utter rubbish and trash. The insanity of this type of thinking is worse than the insanities that led to the stock market crash in the first place.

How is this for a plan instead? Start enjoying life now. Do what you have always wanted to do and figure out how to make some money doing it. Then do it as long as you live!

Let me give you a very simple example. This incredibly incorrect article tells of Ken Delong, age 54, a physician's assistant and college teacher in Rockford Illinois. The article states that his dream was to retire at 60 and tour battlefields in the Pacific. Now the article says he cannot do this because his stock portfolio is down 60%.

There is a simple solution. If this man started a part time business he could put all his earnings into trips to the World War II Pacific battlefields. That's a simple plan, but ever more sensible is for this gentleman to start up a part time business organizing tours to Pacific battlefields. In this way he can fill his dreams and increase his financial security. Add to this the pleasure he will gain from having those who all have a common interest with him join him in his travels!

I have implemented the concept called the Golden Rule of Business Simplicity in International Business Made EZ. This rule is to look within to find your passion. Then look at every place and every way in which you are involved in this passion. These places will be the source of your sales and the paths you take will be the paths to your clients. Those who have been holding back tears over stock losses, can look at them as a wonderful gift instead. The investment brought you dreams. This is something no one can take away from you. Even if the value of your shares have fallen, the dream still exists. So turn your passion into profit! Low interest rates and high unemployment along with modern technology have never made having your own business easier. There are few pleasures like making your dreams come true while offering an international business…all conducted through the vast Internet at a no cost start up!

And tell me this. If the establishment is telling you to cut your dreams in half or to eliminate them completely, what do you really have to lose? Until next message may all your business be good and may all your Halloween spooks bring treats of magic and tricks for success!


P.S. I outline how to turn the Golden Rule of Business Simplicity into completed dreams at our upcoming Orlando course.