The New Economic Model

by | Oct 24, 2002 | Archives

The New Economic Model

This message from a Swiss reader helped me realize that you and I are part of a new economic revolution! See why and what I mean here.

This reader wrote:

“Dear Gary, Your international business course can immensely help people to havemore courage and to avoid the basic error of making a heavy financial commitment that can destroy a new business before it really starts. In my opinion it is only small global businesses that will help us pull through the changes caused by new methods. Traditional methods are dying and now the customer really is king. Many companies have too much product ahead of demand. The brutality of exposure today means businesses must maintain constant revaluation and keep a good morality (or as you so well write keep compassion in business).”

What this message helped me realize is that Merri and I have been (quite by accident) living the new economic model. Here are seven of the rules that fit this model.

  1. Small business with minimal capital.
  2. The whole family is involved.
  3. Customers and products come from all over the world.
  4. A wired business.
  5. We can operate from wherever we choose.
  6. A mobile business.
  7. The money is good but more importantly we are having fun and are attempting to create some genuine good in the world.

We can see the old Big Business model falling apart before our very eyes. Isn't it great to know the solution? Think about what running a business with these seven rules could mean to your family, happiness, wealth and the global community.

Until next message may all your businesses be good!


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