Healthy Fried Food

by | Oct 18, 2002 | Archives

Well not really, but there is a way to enjoy rich, oily foods without worrying so much about what it does to our hearts and weight.

Our latest Global Health Secrets course here at the farm focused on several fundamentals that made it easier to improve our health. Fundamental #1 is “Medicine is dose.” Taking too much of anything is as bad as having too little.

Fundamental #2 was “We have finite amounts of energy”. The body prioritizes how we use what we have. When we do one thing, we pay a price somewhere else! Put this with the first fundamental and we can see that too many changes in diet, exercise or thinking rarely work for long.

Fundamental #3 “As above, so below”. If we are feeling good, every cell in our body knows it and feels good too. When we feel bad, vice versa.

Based on these fundamentals, the course examined many little enjoyable ways to start improving our health. One of these ways is to alter cooking habits so we can have the richness of oil yet making our favorite foods delicious yet healthy!

What? Greasy foods healthy? Can they? Yes. In fact we need fat in our diets, especially in autumn and winter (John Douillard's “Three Season Diet” explains why). Medicine is dose and too little fat can be as bad as too much. Plus it's not much fun eating dry tasteless food.

Let's make food delicious instead! One of the most frequent compliments at the farm is how delicious the food is. Delegates are surprised to find that a healthy diet can be rich, oily and tasty. This message Merri shares a cooking secret that saves time, makes cooking easier, food more delicious and saves money as it reduces calories.

This is important because the three foundations of health (and the foundation of wealth is good health) are nutrition, exercise and consciousness. Nutrition comes first yet recently a USA Today article entitled “Obesity in America” shows us that our diet is worse than ever! The article pointed out that 64.5% of American adults (more than 120 million people) are overweight or obese.

The same issue had another article entitled “By the millions kids keep gaining pounds”. This shows that 30% of American kids are already overweight and the frightening aspect is that fat kids usually become fat adults!

Yet in the same week this same newspaper explained that the newest rave food in America has risen from the county fair, “Deep Fried Twinkies!” How can our consciousness rise if our system is overloaded with toxins and weighted down with indigestible foods? Yet how can we enjoy rich foods? How can we exercise when we are lugging around tens or even hundreds of pounds of extra weight?

So the first step to better health usually begins with improvements in the diet. Take Merri's tip below and start to improve your health in an easy and enjoyable way! Until next message, good health to you! Gary

P.S. Don't forget that we have two super weekends approaching. This Friday, Saturday and Saturday is the Health Spa treatment weekend and November 1, 2, 3 we host the physicist and best friend, Bob Shane for treatments for all.

Rich, Delicious Food that tasty and healthy is a goal that I continuously seek. Since I believe that all men really love rich food (especially Gary!), we need a very, very easy solution to this important taste. Just simply change a bit the stir fried food and the sauteed foods. Simply steam the vegetables in a bit of water in a frying pan…quickly to the desired doneness. Then add the rich flavorful Extra Virgin Olive Oil (it only takes a tiny bit) to the dish just as you serve. This is simple, easy and uses half as much oil yet gives full bodied flavor!

much love to all,