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by | Oct 17, 2002 | Archives

Do you have a plan or a product that you would like to sell globally? Perhaps I can help. I have set up a program for international eClub members. Send me information about your product and your marketing story. I'll help if I can, Here is an example from a reader in Switzerland who showed me his excellent silk Italian ties and sent me his marketing information. Here is the end result.

I hope you or a loved one can enjoy your silk tie and I will appear at our next seminar with the Kerry! Read the message below and you will see what I mean.

Until next message I hope all your business is good!


How Italian Men Saved Europe with a Silk Tie

If you walk the fashionable Via Nassa in Lugano, or stroll down Via Dante in Milan, the striking thing you notice is the number of very, very well dressed men and their stunning consorts, girlfriends or wives. Italian men! How do they do it? What is their secret?

Times were not always this way. In the seventies, Italy went through a tough time. Revolution was near, maybe even a war untilan Italian man invented the informal sector, a phenomenon that perhaps saved Italy, even the European Union.

What was the trick? People produced superior silk neckties, with Italian passion at home and sold them in gift shops and high fashion stores.

So it is to this day and these ties have made their mark. The lasting impression is not the hand made Italian leather shoes, the smart suits, nor the very expensive Swiss wristwatches.

Their trick is their classical Italian silk ties with which they attract the consorts. Go where the power brokers of Europe accumulate and you will see they all wear the best in silk ties. With this, who needs revolution or war?

P.S. The trick of wearing an Italian silk necktie can work for you too. And you can buy them right now at

As mentioned I'm wearing my Saladin Kerry at our upcoming International Business Made EZ course because it's the best! I hope to see you there.