Another West Nile Virus Protection and a Birthday Request

by | Oct 14, 2002 | Archives

EClub member Michael Penn from Glastonbury, England (See Great Places To Be) is a holistic healer and shares this interesting note on how to protect against West Nile virus.

“Hi Garysince you mentioned West Nile in your latest mail & this just arrived – in case it helps.

Natural oils can be used as a West Nile Mosquito repellent. Over half ofthe United States has been invaded by the West Nile Mosquito. Thefollowing is a natural alternative to the chemical sprays and other forms ofapplication as a repellent. I hope these are of benefit to you if you feelthe need to protect yourselves from mosquitoes.

Lavender oil. Insects don't like the scent. Put in a spray bottle 1/3 Witch Hazel and 2/3 pure water, then add drops of Lavender (a pure essential oil) to thebottle. Amount depends on the size of the bottle. Shake well before eachapplication. They also dislike the smell of lemon and some other oils soyou can 'make up' your own personal lovely smelling insect repellent.This works on dogs and cats, too.”

Our friend Candace Welsh has a business in Naples, Florida, Oil LadyAromatherapy, and is an excellent source of all natural oils.

An excellent article “Traveling with Essential oils for Health and Jet Lag“recently appeared in a Natural Awakening Article. I reached thru by searching oil lady aromatherapy and it appear as number 5 under you may find my search resulthelpful. Her telephonenumber is 239-263-3451

Another good source is Darlene Bruns at Flower Power. Her email address

Until next message may all your health be good!


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Would you give me the birthday present I describe below?

October is my birth month and this year I am 56, the 8thseven year cycle. The ancient sages have been telling us forever about the importance of seven. God created the word in six days and on the seventh took rest. The Book of Leviticus tells us every seven years to take a break and make a change. Bar Mitzvah celebrates young men's second seventh cycle ending. Incan traditions have a 14 year old coming of manhood as well. Age 21 the end of the third cycle brings young men and women to their majority. Shamans and healers all over the world heal through the seven main charkas and astrologers look at the alignment of seven planets. We all know what seven come eleven means!

When Merri reached her eighth seventh, we made quite a change, selling our house in Florida and moving to the farm here in North Carolina. We bought a plantation in Ecuador and lived the winters with a Shaman and his apprentices.

So now I am looking. How should I change and here is the present I ask that you give to me. Write me a note and tell me how you would like what I do for you to change. Drop me a note at and let me know what you would like to see. Our mission at this site is to provide useful, interesting, usable, credible information that can help you improve your health and wealth. Is there anything more? Letting me know how to serve you better would be my most precious gift. Thanks!