Become 12 years younger as the colors come late

by | Oct 13, 2002 | Archives

A forest party, dressed in autumnal finery, of oranges, red andgold. Blazing colors of transformation, a sleepy time of rest begins itsspectacular ending.

Autumn has been in the air for a month, but the weather has remainedwarm. I still harvested raspberries off the bush this morning and lastnight listened to the pink katydids sing. Our seven-day Global HealthSecrets (we had a full house) course ended yesterday. This course had beenplanned for the traditional blaze of fall colors that begin earlyOctober. Warm weather changed this and the color change was beautiful butis just starting. So we have added a special Phytobiodermie spa weekend soyou can enhance your health and appearance amidst the autumn colors. Hereare the details.

Phytobiodermie is a non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation. Merri and Ihave enjoyed this powerful Swiss treatment for over a decade and can attestthat it leaves you looking younger and feeling great. Few treatments areas effective, enjoyable and relaxing. Yet there is more than justrelaxation and stress release. There can be considerable health benefitsfrom this treatment.

This revolutionary system comes from Switzerland which is known for itspurity and highest standards. The Phytobiodermie Swiss skin care anddetoxifying system has over 25 years of experience. Their wonderfullyenjoyable treatments combine Swiss technology, chromotherapy (color energy)and Chinese energy medicine to clear the body's lymph system. It stimulatesenergetic points that promote the toning of the skin while adding a senseof well being and deep relaxation.

Our spa weekend incorporates a full Phytobiodermie treatment plus areflexology treatment plus a full body massage! Also don't forget thesteam baths and soaks in the Indian Sacred healing waters, beautifulautumn, health foods, joyous walks in the woods, the sparkling clear LittleHorse Creek waters and fresh air – see for details of some of the amenities at our farm

Like acupuncture and feng shui, chromotherapy is a positive energyre-balancing. When combined with a detoxifying lymph drainage, steam andmineralized soak, you look and feel years younger. Merri and I havewatched numerous Phytobiodermie demonstrations where half of a face istreated. The difference in appearance is quote remarkable.

So join us October 25, 26 and 27. Enjoy your massage on a crisp morn inthe solace of deep woods punctuated by the roaring wood fire. Walk throughfrosted grass amidst autumnal gold. Soak in the pure healing steamingwaters of the Japanese cedar wood soaking tub and roll12 years off your looks with the warm, toning strength ofPhytobiodermie. Enjoy an Andean rejuvenation diet on our creek deckoverlooking the woods.

Full weekend including accommodations (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), fullfireside body massage, complete Phytobiodermie body massage, electronicchair massages, steam baths, healing water soaks, all Andean stylevegetarian meals and the Phytobiodermie facial plus a complete reflexologyfoot massage. Only $499.

Arrive on Friday, 25th for a full weekend of glorious treatments. Enjoythe fall colors and a relaxing healing break.

Gary & Merri

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