The Philosophy of Business

by | Oct 10, 2002 | Archives

Or the business of philosophy?

Here is a good business idea. Once thought I cannot get it out of my mind and since I have no time to do this myself, I share it here with you.

Rolf Jensen's book, The Dream Society, points out that mankind's desires always seem to turn to what is now gone. When central heating was perfect everyone wanted a fireplace. When the nations road system became perfectly smooth, mapped and paved, the most popular vehicle became the 4 wheel drive off road SUV (which 95% of the owners never take of road.)

Based on this premise he reckoned that one huge market that would grow is the market for togetherness (we become becoming more isolated through modern travel and the Internet). He also noted that one popular business in France today is called a Philos Cafe. Each night the café brings in a famous philosopher who puts out a thought or question and the patrons spend the evening together philosophizing on this idea.

As the philosophies that we have believed in (confidence in political, religious, business morality are all down the drain) as a culture are destroyed, it is natural for us to have questions of philosophy. Who are we? What do we really stand for? Why are we here? What is existence on this tiny spinning planet, etc.?

Why not create a virtual philos café?

Call it “” or something like that. Throw out a philosophical idea each day and let everyone give an answer in some bulletin board type form. I can visualize some really exciting graphics.

Earnings come from fees a person pays to be a virtual patron and advertising. This income could be followed as your virtual patrons grow with philosophical weekend get together, books and reports.

This is a good idea and for someone will make International Business EZ!

When I get a new idea, I cannot let it go. Have to chew on it like a dog with a bone and honestly I do not need another new business now. But I'll do it if you do not. So why don't one of you grab this bull by the horns, have some fun, meet some philosophers and start foodforthought. I'll be the first one to sign on!