Quick & Free Health Tip

by | Oct 7, 2002 | Archives

Here is a simple but powerful health tip you will not want to brush off!

This is one of the simplest most profound cleansing tips you can use. The skin is the largest eliminative organ we have by far. You can dramatically assist your body in getting rid of toxins by having a daily brushing. Get an all natural bristle brush. For travel, we use a hand and nail brush #1282 manufactured by Wright Burnet in Hamilton, Ohio. Merri and I just purchased a great natural stiff (important) brush for each of our health delegates in the beauty section of Walmart. Don't be fooled by the bath brushes…they are too soft to do the job.

Each morning before you bathe, stroke towards the heart up each side of the arm, leg, plus the buttocks, muscles stomach and the back. This is so simple, takes a minute a day and gives maybe more bang for the time than any other cleansing action you can take. It is important to do this by dry brushing…using a loofah in a bath is a different technique and is good for improving circulation but the dry brushing is for using this largest organ in the body (the skin) to help cleanse toxins. Besides, it feels great and invigorating!

Until next message may your good health be no secret.