A Spooky Thought

by | Oct 2, 2002 | Archives

Being a compulsive adventurer, I have managed to drag my kids and Merri to some pretty wild and weird places. In fact we did so many crazy things we named ourselves the Intrepid Explorers Club. One adventure we always aimed for was a Halloween treat (as this picture taken in the English village of Leonard Stanley nearly 20 years ago proves). We looked pretty spooky and we didn't even have masks.

We chose to make this a special holiday because we had learned in our travels that many ancient cultures place a great significance on this celebration as a day to renew the spirit within. Halloween gives thanks for the ripe fields and abundant harvest that represents of life. This eve dwells on all people and events past as creators of this rich tapestry of our existence that we call the here and now. This is a brief moment of joy and a celebration to strengthen our spirits for greater happiness and health through the winter months. Halloween is a launching point for betterment and change so we chose this special day to start our Quantum Health Weekend where delegates will enjoy three scientific health treatments by our long term friend, client and space scientist, Bob Shane. The treatments include the Scenar. (details at see https://www.garyascott.com/health/644/)the QXC1, (for details go to https://www.garyascott.com/health/643/) and the BEFE (please see https://www.garyascott.com/data/befe.pdf

This is a phenomenal weekend to celebrate the spirit and our body through healing. We begin this adventure Thursday evening October 31st with a gigantic Halloween bonfire where we will create a special energizing Andean treat made from pumpkins (fresh from our garden) and magical spices, roasted over the bonfire complete with fresh Farmer's cheese. Don't miss this weekend! Join Merri and me on this crisp autumnal evening to give thanks for the spirit of renewal that is within each of us.

We hope you will join us on All Hallow's Eve! If you can make it go to