Global Economic Outlook

by | Sep 27, 2002 | Archives

Many readers have been writing to me concerned that the world as we know it will end if the U.S. starts a war in Iraq. Think back about what happened the last time we invaded the Middle East. The economy boomed! The International Economic Outlook, presented by Ib Fredslund Madsen Chief Economist at Jyske Bank at their recent International Investment seminar shows that we should not worry.

However other important economic concerns are exposed in this report. For example, European politicians are caught between their need to keep the European economic unity pact and to fight local unemployment. To keep the pact (which is needed to hold the union together) they need to stop spending. To fight local unemployment they need to spend more! The tension between these two concerns could even destroy the EU. Now this is something to worry about!

See more about this and other vital events at Jyske's website (PDF file).

Until next message may your international investing be good!