Okay, let’s get real

by | Sep 24, 2002 | Archives

A recent report by the U.S. government says we should exercise an hour a day instead of a half hour.

Give us a break! Besides the authors of this report were probably obese, stressed out people who rarely walk five minutes a day! They obviously have no sense. We don’t even have half an hour as it is!Shall we look at some realistic ways to improve our health?

Do you have too much to do already? Is it impossible to spend an hour exercising each day? Do you barely have time to get all you have to do done? Welcome to the modern, western human race.

Last week’s message about picking raspberries shared a perfect day, rising early fresh, having plenty of time to do exercises, yoga, meditation and then strolling through the dawn to start work early. Now let’s look at the imperfect days. There is a flight to catch, a group is coming to the farm and the help did not arrive. Plus a marketing deadline looms and for some darn reason I didn’t awaken at dawn.

Panic stations!

Time for yoga and exercise? Forget it.

I have never missed meditation (in over a decade) but it may get done in the car hurtling toward the airport! When gurus in Washington tell me I need to exercise an extra half hour every day,I know why the era of the guru is dead! (more on this https://www.garyascott.com/inspired/205/!

Here lies the problem. We need good nutrition. We do need exercise. We suffer from doing too much. This is true in exercise and dieting as well. If we have too much exercise to do and too many diets, we give up. Sometimes we need less discipline not more.

Medicine is dose! Too much or too little of anything is bad. Take water for example. Too little and we die of dehydration. Too much and we drown.

John Douillard – see https://www.garyascott.com/health/587/) once explained that if we give nature half a chance we can be healthy! It’s constant pounding of bad stuff that ruins health. If we never exercise. If we always eat junk food.

There is a lot we can do for our health with a little.

Here are little things that can have a profound positive effect on your health.

Exercise #1, Sun Salute (See this picture). Throw away the stretchers, ski machines, dumbbells and gyms you never visit. This one strength exercise gives strength and flexibility yet take as little 1.5 minutes a day. Its called the sun salute and exercises every muscle group in the body. Four repetitions a day can make a difference. Each only takes 20 to 30 seconds. In just two minutes you can make a difference.

Do fifteen a day (seven minutes) for two weeks. Then if this takes too much time do just four a day for awhile. Then do fifteen any day you can. You will see big differences in your muscle tone. This exercise stimulates the major charkas and helps balance your health in a multitude of ways.

Exercise #2, Walk. Even when busy, I force myself to walk. Our houses are a quarter mile from the office. I avoid the temptation to jump into my jeep or six wheel ATV and add a half mile or more of walking a day.

In airports, I use the stairs and avoid escalators and people movers. In cities I walk. There are usually two or three times a day when you can choose to walk a bit. Do it!

If you have stairs in your house or office use them as often as you can.

Exercise #3, Eat right sometimes. The thought of cutting back forever messes our thinking from the start. Instead fast just one day a week. Or just have juices (real juices not fruit drinks) or just fruit. Or skip breakfast and lunch and have a light early dinner.

Diet every other day. Or three days a week. Or just weekends. Reduce carbonated drinks, caffeine, etc. every other day.

#4: Do all the above in spurts and ex spurts. Life works in cycles. You can see this at https://www.garyascott.com/inspired/196/. Start limited exercise programs for just two weeks, not for life (14 days is about the time it takes for the body to adapt and show you something for your effort).

Then back off and take a few days rest or have a long weekend with nothing. Then return to the program on an every other day basis.

When you feel like it, have another two week push!

Another powerful trick is to make lunch the big meal and eat very early light dinners. Better still skip dinner all together. (If you can’t do this all the time try it for just two weeks or just every other day or just weekends.)

Exercise #5, Cleanse thyself! Try a Virechana, honoring the change of season. https://www.garyascott.com/health/636/.

Make tea of sweet cardamom, chamomile and cinnamon. Drink and bath in it. Try Beyond Chelation for an internal cleansing.

These simple tips take little time, but they work and can bring better health.

We may not be able to exercise an hour every day, like the bigshots in Washington tell us, but that’s the way politicians work. They just talk. We can take these simple steps and often ten minutes of action is worth ten hours talk!

Until next message may all of your days be healthy!