Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface: Raves

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Here is what a few of Bob's clients have written.

This woman's skin problems were resolved.

“My life has changed since having my Quantum session with you. I'll make this as brief as I can, but first a little background: I began having severe eczema all over my body, especially on my arms and legs, about 6 months ago. My skin was so bad that I couldn't wear any tight undergarments but only loose all cotton “pregnancy” style dresses. I could not sleep at night and the only relief the medical profession could offer was high powered drugs with horrible side effects. I had to take some of them to survive and as a result was unable to function well in my day to day activities. I came to you with some trepidation and little hope since nothing else had helped. But then the miracle began – as I was being balanced by the QXCI device my skin irritation and pain vanished. It was amazing and I left your office that day able to appreciate being alive again. Everything was great that day until about 3:00am when I woke up feeling the pain returning slightly. I put some medical cream on for relief and went back to sleep. The next day all my hopes crashed – it was horrible, all the pain was back just as bad as ever and I knew the balancing had not worked, just like everything else. But, the next day my life began anew, not only was the pain gone but the rash itself was 80% gone. Over the last few days there has been no pain and the rash continues to recede. Life is worth living again – thank you so much. CS”

Here was the elimination of back pain and tension.

“Hi Bob,

Just a quick note to thank you for your Quantum session last weekend. It is so hard to believe in energetic balancing, it is subtle and I don't feel much going on but my experience with you really gives me physical feedback that it really works. I am in my 70's and have aches and pains all over. The day before I came to see you I had my usual massage and every point that was touched on my back along my spine was extraordinarily painful. During the Quantum session with you many stressed areas were found in the spine and after they were energetically balanced, including releasing the emotional memories from the vertebrae, I felt better but still was not quite a believer, what with this woo woo stuff and all. The real proof of the pudding came when I had my next massage and the therapist was amazed at the lack of tension in my back and I was shocked to find there were no more painful spots in my back or spine. This had never happened before. I'm now convinced and will be back to see you soon…HK”

This client had balanced blood pressure.


Helen and I thank you for our sessions yesterday. Helen is still having some breathing problems but she is feeling better about them. She is convinced that the Scenar did something for her and is ready to come back to your place for another session. I have not seen her have another crisis so far. As far as I'm concerned I needed no wine last night and didn't get the cold shivers, either. My blood pressure was normal last night and again this morning. It is now in the normal-slightly high range, but well within the tolerances. I have had no medicine since we came back and normally would have taken a 20mg tablet of Lisinopril last night and another this morning…..Tom”

Here is the elimination of pain.

“Dear Bob,

I wanted you to know that I have no pain in my toe or in my knees and neither of my feet are burning YEAH!!!!!!!!! How can I thank you besides sending you a million dollars. Looking forward to my next visit. Love Jeanne”

And headaches have been stopped!

“Hi Bob,

Well, I have had 7 whole days of feeling probably 85% myself – some starts of head/neck/jaw aches which I warded off just by pressing some points in my neck and head. I had better energy and felt like eating and actually felt good about being able to DO things. I could think, read and concentrate without the pain! Thanks so much…DO”

Energy boosted.

“Dear Bob,

Just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful session on Sunday. It was very kind and generous of you. I was so “jazzed” when I got home that I cleaned out my entire dresser and a good deal of my closet! My motivation has increased and I seem to have more energy than ever. Goodwill will be delighted! I will keep you posted on any other changes that I notice as they occur. Blessings, Madeline”

Kidney and liver problems have been resolved.

“Hi Bob,

I felt the QXCI was right on target. I recall being hooked up to the computer and as the music played and the balancing proceeded my wanting to hold everything in and my resistance to being helped vanished and I became consciously aware of wanting to open up and release my blocks and inhibitions. It was comforting to see my issues show up on the computer, without any input from me, validating my own internal thoughts. After my session I felt so much better about my “issues” – they were not these huge unmanageable deals anymore and I've been able to work through them instead of just giving up like I wanted to before. In addition my kidneys and liver have returned to normal ranges, both energetically on the QXCI and according to my Doctor's medical testing. I plan to continue my healing process with the QXCI and would advise anyone to do alternative options like quantum balancing….JF”

Removal of energy and emotional blocks.

“Dear Bob,

My work with you and QXCI quantum balancing has been incredible. We have focused mostly on the emotional aspects that have been so out of balance. As we work through the emotional protocols I experience the traumas of past lives and present situations removed and I feel the movement of energy back into my body. As a specific example I was having problems with my business where I felt I was losing control and my partner was taking over. After the QXCI processed through the residual emotional blocks from the past that were setting me up for all these aggravations, I felt a great burden lifted from my shoulders. The most remarkable part was that when I went into the office the next day the energetic dynamic of the whole office was totally changed – I was back in charge and everything was fine. Incredible!…. PC”

Aids boost.

“Hi Bob,

As you recall I contacted you about a patient of mine who was making great headway with his Aids condition when suddenly his whole attitude flipped. He became despondent, wanted to quit all therapy and leave the clinic. I felt that some negative energy had somehow attached itself to him and was preventing him from continuing on his path of recovery. Your remote balancing of my patient using the QXCI removed these energetic obstacles and helped create a remarkable turnaround for my patient. He is back on track as I write this. Thanks for a job well done. WP”

These sessions even build confidence!

“Hi Bob,

Just a quick note to tell you about the changes the 24 hour per day balancing has made in my life. I know you told me that quantum energetic balancing is subtle and may be noticed in small ways because it sends out thousands of general frequencies that help me deal with the many small stresses that continually deplete my resources so that when bigger unique emotional or physical stresses come along I have more reserves to handle them without going into overwhelm. Well I just want you to know it has not been so subtle in my case. As you are aware I have been trying to remodel my home for over a year using more natural and healthy materials. I keep having huge conflicts with the contractors I've been dealing with and my personality is such that I have a problem standing up for my rights and not letting them run me over with their way of doing things. Ever since you put me into the Universal Energy Balancing 24 hour per day program, guess what, I have no trouble putting my foot down and letting these contractors know I AM IN CHARGE!! And, I pay the bills and they will perform the work the way I want it done. Hooray and thank you so much….. GG”

Allergies are obliterated.

“Hi Bob,

Just a quick note of thanks. Since the sessions on the Quantum my allergy to natural gas has cleared up. I can now go visit our beach home with the gas furnace without the usual skin itching and difficulty breathing. Also the stiffness in my fingers has been alleviated. Thanks again…. NS”

TMJs are toned as well.

“Dear Bob,

Remarkable things really do happen when dealing with quantum energy balancing. When I came for my session with you I did not tell you about my TMJ problem. I had been going to a jaw joint specialist every week for muscle re-education to try to correct my bite problem. It was astounding to me that the QXCI found a TMJ issue without any input from me. You told me that the TMJ energetic balancing was a subtle and changes could take place over several days and may require several sessions. Since I did not feel anything happening I just thought it was very interesting the instrument could detect the problem but that I would still have to do physical muscle training to actually make any kind of correction. Little did I know. When I walked out of your office after the session and sat in my car to go home there was a loud cracking sound in my head and my jaw shifted back into its normal bite position. What a shock. That energetic balancing that I couldn't feel actually physically restored my jaw to its correct position. I didn't tell you at that time because I wanted to see if it would last. Well, it has been 3 weeks and I haven't had to do anymore physical therapy sessions. Amazing….Thank you…JS”

And people lose weight!

“Hi Bob,

My story is so remarkable I felt I should write it down and send it to you so others could be inspired. I had pretty much given up on life when I came to you for a quantum session. I just knew nothing could help me. I was overweight and my whole body was like a stone. If you tried to squeeze my arm you could not get any flesh between your fingers and depressing the skin felt like pushing on a rock. I never felt good and had no energy. My husband always dominated me in terms of what we did and what was right, etc. When I came I brought my parents for moral support and my husband because he was a non believer, a true skeptic and would not let me come without him so he could protect me and not let me be razzle dazzled by what he knew would be total bunk. Well all our lives have changed. The week after my QXCI session my daughter exclaimed Mom, look at your arms. She could pinch them and actually feel the flesh. She could depress my skin and there was give like a human body and not a rock. I also was losing weight and my whole attitude towards life had changed. I now had hope and for the first time in many years when I felt I as right I stood up for myself and did not let my husband dominate what I should think and do. Things were so changed for me that my whole family has come to you for quantum sessions. My skeptic husband was so amazed that he has encouraged me to purchase my own instrument. What a turn around. I am eternally grateful… GN”

These testimonials show that the Scenar and QCXI sessions with Bob are well worth the costs of the course on their own and you can reserve to spend this weekend with Merri and me at