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Yes, I can tell you what is wrong, Gary – but will you believe it?

Last week's inspired investing message looked at problems we face in the U.S and how the abundance in our lifestyle is negatively affecting the entire world. I asked readers to share with me what's wrong. The response was overwhelming and from all over the world, the U.S., England, Australia and Canada. May I share them with you?

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The most obvious concerns that were shared by several readers is the war on drugs as you can see below:

“I think it is very important to note that OVER 70% of the U.S. prison population are POLITICAL PRISONERS … that is to say … incarcerated at the behest of government … no victims. Drug laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL …show me where, in the Supreme Law of the Land, any legislation can be enacted to preclude “freedom of individual choice.” The Congress in 1920s recognized no latitude to preclude or legislate against the drug alcohol … therefore a Constitutional Amendment was required. Same circumstances with ANY drug. I have the freedom to chose for myself, and the intelligence to know the consequences of those choices … I don't need a John, “the tyrantbastard”, Ashcroft to watch over me.”

So perhaps Big Brother is at fault here? But who and what allows and creates Big Brother? Another reader felt that the problem was simpler and one summed it up in one sentence.

“It's the war on drugs.”

Another reader agreed and went further when he wrote:

“Several things are wrong– “Big Brother” buttinski laws — including hundreds ofthousands, if not millions, in jail for both use and “dealing” in unapproved drugs. The “drug war” is based on the premise that “Big Brother” should be the “Big Nanny”.

Another is a swarming of hordes of rats (aka illegal alien Mexicans) over the southern U.S. borders.

Another is the encouragement of religions (Christian and Muslim wackos) to drop litters of spawn with no more regard of consequences than cats, rats, and dogs do. Thus millions of unwanted (in actuality) and uncared for sub-humans with chips on their shoulders. Are those enough reasons?”

So we have plenty of reasons for our social problems. The drug problem is certainly one of them, but perhaps we as humans beings would be better off if we stopped putting so many labels on people. Certainly there are wackos of all cultures and creeds, but we all come from the same source. If we all remembered the saying, if it were not for the grace of God, there go I, we would all be better off. Is this one reason why society seems to need drugs? Perhaps lack of compassion and understanding? Perhaps too much stress is a reason. But what causes this stress?

A reader from Australia feels that it all starts clear back in school.

“Yep, I can tell you what is wrong all right. It is lack of discipline in the schools along with a terrific dose of social engineering and civil libertarians, that is what is going wrong. Same thing here in Australia. Criminals now have far more rights here than their victims. Try defending yourself in your home these days and injure a crook and see what happens to you!!”

I have to also agree with all these readers above that the invasion of the state of our individual liberties is a problem. In fact we have so many rules and regulations that even our teachers have a tough time getting their job done. Yet our future lies with the kids. So what do we do? How do we start to bring about change?

This reader from England agrees when he writes:

“Hi Gary: As you probably know, if you don't ask the right question, you don't get the right answer. 'Why are so many people incarcerated in the U.S.?' is definitely a very good question!

“In a nutshell, the answer is that judges, attorneys, etc. are INCENTIVIZED for prosecuting large numbers of people.

“Know this: There are over 60+ MILLION statutes in the U.S. It is now nearly impossible for the average American to conduct his everyday life without being in contravention of one of these myriad 'laws'. Many of these 'laws' are so complex, vague, arbitrary and obtuse that it boggles the mind.

“Ask any BAR attorney if he/she is familiar with even 1% (approximately 30,000) of these statutes. The answer will always be 'NO'.

“Now just what is the 'BAR Association'? The BAR stands for 'British Accredited Registry', which is located in the City of London. They are controlled by the Rothschild banking cartel. The American Bar Association is simply the U.S. division of this international organization.

“Our system of statutory law is really an ABROGATION of the true law (Common Law). Under common law, a crime has only been committed when person(s) or property have been harmed. It's very simple and straightforward. Nothing like our present 'legal' system, which thrives on complexity. Why? Because it's profitable to the insiders, and serves to induce fear in the populace, making them easier to control by the global elites.

“For an enlightening journey (if you're open-minded), a good starting place for your exploration of this issue is at http://www.tbafoundation.com

“Some of what you see there will seem unbelievable. Have you ever heard the saying, 'Truth is stranger than fiction'? Well, that definitely applies in this case.

“A worthy goal of every American who values liberty and freedom (and not just paying 'lip service' to the idea) should be to eliminate the BAR.

“Coming soon to a neighborhood near you (within the next couple years), but only if we allow it: The International Criminal Court. Under this insidious arrangement, an American could be taken out of the U.S. and tried in a foreign jurisdiction without any of the safeguards to which we are accustomed (e.g., 'innocent until proven guilty'). Not surprisingly, the BAR Association is one of the major proponents of the ICC.”

My novel, The 65th Octave is about controllers trying to take over the world. Yet my logic does not allow me to believe that a cartel has extended for hundreds of generations. The controllers are explained in many books of great wisdom. The controllers are our fear, greed, envy, sloth and material desires. These internal controllers lead us to trade our lives for things affected by the law of diminishing returns. The more we have, the more we want. In this mad scramble for more things the whole of society has created a materialistic system that creates crime. The more people that join the scramble, the more complex things become and the more laws of minutia we write. We create so many laws that we all become criminals in one-way or the other. It becomes impossible to not break laws. This pressure leads to feelings of anxiety, guilt and reduce the joy of life and this in turn can lead to an escape in drugs.

But what should we all do? Here is an interesting observation from a reader (I have experienced a similar situation myself) and his thought offers a solution.

“Gary, At our farm our helper has become a mainstay … a valued member of our small crew. Indeed, he makes the farm run with his hard work. The only problem: Regular visits by his parole officer, punctuated by occasional bouts of time where we won't see him for a few weeks on end. No need to ask where he is — jail.

“Yes, he sometimes drinks, always smokes, drives illegally (if he can) and probably uses street drugs, now and then. There may be petty (or more serious) crime in his past, as well — I haven't asked.

“He doesn't have a great history of treating his ladyfriend well, either, though the 'compliment' is frequently returned to him, in like kind. But he's been stone, cold sober with us; mostly honest with me – and I've taken NO nonsense from him (the key to his respecting me, I think) — and he works wonderfully well. In fact, he's like Disney'ssorcerer's apprentice — you MUST keep him busy!

“We're a small county, down here; and everyone in the neighborhood knows him. Several folks have warned us against him; but others like him and appreciate the fact we're willing to give him work.

“Bottom line: For us, he is a wonderful find, however rough around the edges he (and sometimes his friends) might be. For others, maybe not so.

“But reading your piece this morning, I thought I'd like to share the story with you — diamonds ARE sometimes found in the rough … as long as one remembers they HAVE come from the rough.”

This is an identical experience I have shared with one of our helpers here at our farm. He is a great worker and I have found deep down inside, a good man. Yet his parole officer calls me periodically and actually acts like he wants me to fire the man, “Do I know he is on probation? Do I know he may not always be able to come to work because he has to see his probation officer, etc.”

Do institutions get formed and become self absorbed running only to stay in existence instead of giving the service they were meant to perform? If you don't believe this is a real problem reread Aldous Huxley's Animal Farm! Perhaps the world would be a better place if we all remembered that we all came from the rough? This reader says that we must keep people busy. But busy in what way? A great friend from Canada has a good thought on this when he writes:

“I have been saying for years the only difference between the US unemployment rate and Canada's is the difference of the amount of people in prison in the U.S. An incarcerated one is a lot more expensive for the state than someone who is unemployed. I certainly agree with you in saying the world needs more loving caring people. But why is Canada,culturally appendixed to the states so different? I believe its because a far greater majority of people in Canada have such a close affinity to nature and all its beauty. I live in Cottage country an hour north of Toronto. A beautiful area full of lakes and forests. Literally a third of Metropolitan Toronto (pop 3 million) travels every weekend summer and winter back and forth to cottage country. hey! Toronto is beautiful in itself, but the most part Canadians would rather be off canoeing and camping on an isolated lake or at their rustic cottage on an island without power. Canada with such a small population and huge Country is blessed with such wonders of nature no matter where you go. When I lived in Canada's Artic in Yellowknife there was only 10.000 people living in a very isolated pristine setting. What did people do, they built cabins outsideYellowknife. I remember helping build one on a remote island and we took all the materials in by small boat across two portages. You certainly understand this as you constantly exhort the beauty of your farm. The US is also blessed with tremendous natural beauty but such a small percentage of people take advantage of it. I see this all the time when hiking in Arizona. Get in touch with nature! Hug a tree!”

This comment adds some wisdom to keeping busy. We should do things that keep us tuned to nature. That's what I love about the farm. Nature is real and operates on just a very few simple laws. You plant the seed or you don't get a crop. You keep the heat going in winter or you get very cold, etc. To me staying in touch with nature is one of the best ways to stay tuned to our creator's infinite wisdom.

Some readers felt that this is in fact what is wrong, not tapping into The Creator's wisdom that is within us, or letting that wisdom be obscured as the reader below explained:

“Gary. What's wrong is the second part of the mind (see below).

“One can't seem to let go of the physical and emotional pain in life, because it's locked up in the second part of the mind-the reactive mind. If the analytical mind is like a perfect computer, then the reactive mind is like a computer virus that has infected it. The reactive mind is completely irrational and completely useless. It kicks into action every time you're under stress, every time you're in pain, or sick.

“It records moments of physical pain and unconsciousness, such as accidentsor operations, and moments of severe emotional pain and loss, such as deaths, divorces, or business failures. Once these painful incidents are recorded in your reactive mind, they have the power to control your emotions, your thoughts and your actions-againstyour own will and your better judgment. The reactive mind is the single source of all of the pain and suffering in your life. It is the single source of all irrationality in man. It's what lies behind the terrorism, acts of violence, inhumanity and cruelty in theworld today. L. Ron Hubbard's research into the human mind led him to this monumental discovery: that all the painful experiences of your life are contained in the reactive mind. And while everyone has a reactive mind, the contents of yours are personal to you.

“Without a reactive mind, one can think clearly, act rationally and be oneself again. This state is called Clear Mind. You need to get rid of your reactive mind. How? Dianetics is the most popular and effective book on the human mind ever published. More than 18 million copies have been sold in over 50 languages and more than 150 countries.”

I have read Dianetics and agree that Hubbard was a brilliant man who organized many truths of life in an understandable, usable way.

The next reader obviously feels that she has an answer when she wrote:

“What is wrong with America? It has turned away from God (the only true God) by deciding that He is not needed in our schools, He should not be in the work place or spoken of outside of church. People have turned to all the many little gods that allow them to feel good, not feel guilty, do what they want, say what they want and treat others how they want. It has become a 'One nation under many gods' society. If they do something wrong then it must be someone else's fault, no one is responsible for their own action. This all started when prayer was taken out of schools and the decline has gone down hill even faster in the last few years. When you turn your back on God He will allow you to walk away and face the consequences of your actions. He will not force you to turn and trust in Him. All the mystics, shamans and crystal ball readers can do is give you a false sense of peace but He is the only one that can give you a true peace that passes all understanding. Reading the bible instead of stock market reports can make you richer than you have ever imagined. Not that the stock market is bad or even investing in it. But when it becomes the sole purpose of your life you miss the wonderful opportunity to see God working in your life to bless you. Hell is full of people who turned away from God and for the record He did not make hell for man but man makes the choice to go there. I choose life, eternal life, it makes sense don't you think?”

These last two comments seem to be pretty much the same to me. If everyone had a clear mind and God in their hearts all the time we could resolve everything pretty darn fast.

But the world seems to be too busy arguing over who is God and this seems to me to be such a waste. Merri and I have made it a point to live with and in the same way as Andean and Amazonian shamans for months. Then we lived in the homes of some Hindus and heard their prayers and ate their food and lived with their children and wives as they do. Plus we moved to the desert for awhile and lived with Moslems and saw their diets and philosophies, hopes and dreams. We found every one of them good, devoted, and correct living in ways that worked.

This has led me to believe that if we look for that which is common within all of us the world's problems would end overnight. This is why I endorse the Institute for the Resolution of Religious Conflict run by reader, Terry Trowbridge.

Faith (and action in line with that faith) seem to matter more than what we have faith in.

This thought is pretty well summed up by this reader:

“Gary -This article was of special interest to me because I have been visitingCalifornia prisons for 18 years and know quite a bit about the workings and politics that prevail. The thought that came to mind as I was reading it was the lyrics to a song that I learned many years ago while a student in the college choir.

'Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With God as our Father, brothers all are we. Let me walk with my brother, in perfect harmony. Take each moment, and live each moment in peace eternally, let there be peace on earth, AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.'

Thank you again for your wonderful information.”

It is I who must thank all of you for sharing your opinions and thoughts. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change ourselves. We can have faith in something good and if we walk as we talk we will make this world a better place.

Until next message, may all you investing and every part of your life be inspired!