Nine laws of success and nano tech

by | Aug 29, 2002 | Archives

Nine laws of success and nano tech

Many recent messages have looked at ways to invest during these times of turmoil. Investors who understand that the chaos is caused by transition from one new wave of productive technology to another have an enormous advantage because they know to look for the next wave. For example there was a time of turmoil when mankind shifted from steam technology to the internal combustion engine. Investors who had been big in railroads (but were smart) shifted to investing in automobiles and trucking and bus lines. Then chaos came again when the jet engine made the airplane an effective form of transportation and smart investors shifted into airline shares.

In the next era, the information era, the PC, Internet (and Microsoft) became the major carrier of mankind and investors who saw this potential once again jumped ahead of the pack.

So where do we go next before the quantum computer starts to have an impact? One area is in health care – see Good health and high energy will become more important than ever before!

There are many areas where you can look for opportunity and one will be in nano technology.

Before you invest though remember the golden rules of investing.

  1. Money isn't everything
  2. Work only with people you like
  3. Buy businesses, not stocks
  4. Invest only in what you understand
  5. Don't over diversify
  6. Keep looking for new opportunities
  7. Buy businesses you plan to keep for life
  8. Look for businesses that are available at a good price
  9. Do what you like

If nano technology is of interest to you, then in keeping with rule #4, here is some important information shared by an informed reader I respect very much.

“Hi Gary, Just thought I'd pass along the best links I know of covering nanotechnology. The mainstay of this field is Eric Drexler's Foresight Institute, Foresight also runs a news site at which provides continuous updates on what's happening in the field from scientific, business and societal viewpoints. I would be a bit cautious about Scientific American on this subject… in the past they have run some stories on nanotech that were way off the mark.Keep up the good stuff! Charles”

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Until next message, good global investing!