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by | Aug 29, 2002 | Archives

Last Thursday's message looked at how having an international businesses can help us be free. Here are a variety of business ideas that may help you.

Idea #1: Import silver reproductions. Reader Mat Gilroy has moved to Ecuador and has set up a business of reproducing silver works. He already has some customers in the U.S. that want us museum pieces (candlesticks, tea servers) copied in silver or to replace pieces from original antique pieces. He can get it done for about half the price compared to London…and the artisanship in Ecuador is the best. You can contact Mat at or view his website at

Idea #2: Roses. Here is an idea about how to sell roses. Merri just had a birthday and I wanted to do something special. A dozen roses, yeah that's great, but how about 150 roses. Now that's special! Plus it is even better if the roses are so fresh they were cut in Ecuador just days before.

And how about if they are all different colors varieties and were huge head, long stemmed roses? Now we are getting somewhere. Here I am at the farm with Merri's birthday roses – see roses image.

You too can give special gifts like this and you can become a distributor of roses. In fact this month the Fresh Rose Club is allowing distributors to sign up free and running a contest that offers a free cruise

Merri and I, being business people, are always looking at business ideas and we learned a lot from her gift. First we found out some things about care. Note in the photo that we stored some of the roses in our watering cans. This is a no-no we discovered the hard way. These roses wilted faster in these cans.

Next we discovered that some varieties last longer than others. Thin stemmed roses seem to lose their blooms faster. Some such as this vase are still looking good 18 days after they arrived! I find this hard to believe even as I sit here looking at them.

Imagine this. You give someone 150 fresh roses. What an incredible, overwhelming way to express your love. Then picture the recipient seeing the heads literally bloom in vibrant colors larger than they have ever seen, and finally feel the emotions when the roses (store bought roses often wilt after two or three days) stay fresh day after day. Smell the room when you enter full of that subtle fragrance that only roses bear.

Finally the best part. How about if this gift only cost $150 delivered to your door. Try to order this many roses from your local florist and see what it will cost. I called mine and the quote I was given for JUST 100 roses of the same quality was $500!

You can learn more by going to

The rose season is approaching, what a wonderful special gift or way to make some extra money for the holidays.

If you want to become a distributor for Freshroseclub take advantage of their free sign up now.

Get people involved in the Fresh Rose Club, if you recruit 10 new people and each of them sell 50 Bouquets, that is 500 sold you can get an extra $250! Or if you sign a major affiliate you can get an override on their gross purchases. You can be paid up to 20% of the total sale.

For those who sign up the freshrose club is offering a training session in Scottsdale, Arizona on the third Saturday of September. Please let me know if you wish to attend. Contact me at

Even better Dr. Hugo Ribadeneira who is from Ecuador and is the CEO of Freshroseclub will conduct a rose workshop at our November 15-17 International Business Made EZ course in Orlando. See

Idea #3: Tax lien certificates. These are very investments that can earn up to 24%. These are just darn good investments, but here is the global business idea that suits them. Buy these certificates and sell them to investors abroad! Choose the country you love and look for investors there who want high yielding, safe investments backed by U.S. real estate. I made a small fortune at one time selling investments overseas for years. If you want to have a business in Europe or Asia, this is a perfect one. This is an idea that will sell. Until next message, may all your business be good!