Wild Cherry and Sassafras

by | Aug 28, 2002 | Archives

Green leaves, fragile tendrils in a magenta dusk shimmer in ecstasy with the evening breeze. Little Horse Creek serenades them and they dance and sway in joyous harmony, praising the coolness of the night that descends.

Our seminar hall at Merrily Farms has a huge open deck that hangs over the creek, surrounded by trees, sassafras, wild cherry and sugar maple. We eat here whenever we can. Merri and I were sharing the evening with Alan Wormington, a naturalist. You may recently have heard of Alan's team (sponsored by Zeiss Camera) searching for the Ivory Billed Woodpecker in Louisiana. That evening Alan conducted a mothing. (Yes, like birding but looking for moths). The farm is a naturist's delight, isolated with a mixture of creek, bog, deep woods and open meadow, where all types of things thrive.

Alan set up a white sheet and had a mercury vapor light so that we could more easily see these beautiful creatures of the night…the moths. He painted a line of trees with a mixture of molasses, beer and brown sugar to both draw in the moths and slightly intoxicate them for the show that evening. We had friends over and dogs were playing around the area with the pink katydids singing in the distance and of course the creek with its wonderful relaxing sounds. What happened at our first mothing at Little Horse Creek? You'd be surprised…quite a lot! Alan carefully explained all the kinds that were drawn in and gently unfolded their wings for us to see breathtaking patterns hidden beneath.

We felt it was not only a fun evening…under a sky strewn with millions of stars but it was one where we stopped and honored these small creatures, these enduring pollinators who so faithfully hold up the balance of nature.

During the day as we hiked, I was reminded of nature's balance when Alan pointed out the jewelweed and explained how if you touch poison ivy you can crush the stem of this plant to counteract the ivy's poison. For every problem nature creates, there is also a solution. I knew this about nettles as well. The dock leaf always grows nearby and the juice of this broad leaf plant neutralizes the nettle poison. For every problem nature creates, it has a solution.

There is another way to look at this fact. Nature is balance. For every negative there must be a positive.

Only human beings at times of imbalances see negative and positive events as good or bad. The rest of nature just sees truth and order in all things. All is in balance.

Nature is infinitely wise and corrects all imbalances (such as in the way it uses insulin to control population) – seee https://garyascott.com/health/626/.

Inspired investors understand this fact. There are never problems in the stock market, just ups and downs, and for every investment that is down there is another that is up.

For example we have learned in recent messages how the stock market is most likely in a 15-year fall. One simple investment is to short the overall market long term. History is on your side.

What service do you perform when you do this? What positive force exists when you sell short? Short sellers are buyers in the market. To short the market does not say that you no longer believe in shares but that you believe in shares but at a lower price. Your willingness to set that price helps make and stabilize the market.

And there are times to sell as can be seen when a reader wrote:

“Gary, I was just cleaning out some emails and found the following message you sentlast Sept. suggesting the Dow was headed for 8800. Rather prophetic, isn't it. Here is the link. Kind Regards, Charles”

	Dow at 8800?		Evidence that the Dow will drop dramatically in coming months is 	offered by one of the conservative members of the New York Stock 	Exchange below.		https://garyascott.com/investing/367/">see here"

All we have to do when confronted with a negative (which we could otherwise call a problem) is to find its counter part, the jewelweed of that situation. Do this and you will be an inspired investor that has everlasting wealth.

Here are some ways that inspired investors ways.

If you have investing ideas can combat the current weak economy, send them to me at gary@yournewwpsite.com and I'll share them (without giving your name or specifics)in these messages.

Until next message may all your investing be inspired.