Side Affects – BIRM may alter vision

by | Aug 21, 2002 | Archives

Everything we imbibe has side effects of one sort or another. Reactions with BIRM, the Amazon Food supplement is no exception. But have a look at this side effect. It is one that will surprise you! Here is what a reader wrote.

“Dearest Merri & Gary! I noticed my eyes, actually my contacts & glasses not working well for about the last 6 months or so. I finally went to the doctor, assuming that my vision had gotten worse, as I'm getting older and that's what everyone says happens, right? Well the doctor said, “No wonder you can't see as well through the contact or glasses! Your vision is much much better, 2 times better in fact!! It went from a -1.25 to a -.75, which is 2 levels, in 6 months! He said it rarely happens, but has seen it occasionally. Do you think it is the BIRM? Or just a coincidence? With much gratitude.”

Here is my reply,

This is great. Though we do not advertise that vision will improve when taking BIRM this is one side effect its use can have. The BIRM works on the eyes in a couple of ways.

First when the immune system is balanced, it may resolve old issues that have been nagging your body and sapping energy. These drag on your systemic energy and can range from parasites to infections to hormonal imbalances that have become a habit. When this happens the body has more energy to put into the visual system. Vision is an incredibly complex process that goes way beyond what the eye processes, and this added energy allows you to see better.

The second more subtle aspect is created by the fact that your immune system is connected to every aspect of your being. When the immune system works better, the rest of the body does as well. You feel better. Your attitude about life improves. When you like what you see, your vision improves.

Thanks for letting us know.


In additional though we do not offer BIRM as a cure for anything, nor do we recommend it as an alternative for any traditional treatment we continue to receive notes like the one I just received from Sweden from readers around the world.

“Gary and Merri, Good news here, the wife to a friend's friend was terminally ill in cancer. All treatment had failed and she was given six months to live from sometime last fall. Her husband heard me talking about BIRM and wanted to try it so we gave him first one and then two more bottles. When she went for a medical checkup in February the doctors were very confused and made a lot of tests. Finally they told her that the cancer had stopped, it had even receded, and as far as they could see the cancer was cured. The patient herself, and her husband are convinced that she was cured by BIRM, but of course nobody knows for sure.”

Here is another message we have heard from an American reader about BIRM,

“Gary, I am on a regime of using BIRM, and the most noticeable effect is that I have drastically reduced alcohol consumption. Don't know why. Just have lost my taste or need for it. As a result, I feel better and am less stressed.”

Until next message Merri and I wish you the best in health!