Learn twenty most important factors that can make you rich

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Dr. Thomas Stanley in his book the “Millionaire Mind” lists the twentymost important factors that 733 millionaires (whom he interviewed) whichmade them rich.

None of the factors have anything to do with having a high IQ, a goodeducation or a sharp stock broker. Some of them may surprise you butlearning these factors and how to attain them are perhaps more importantthan any other knowledge you can gain about investing. These factors areso important every several days I will review one factor.

I wish to go beyond just giving my opinion as we can use the power of thenet to all help one another learn. I ask that each of you share anyexperiences relating to these factors and how they have helped you acquirewealth (or how your lack of the factor reduced or inhibited wealth).Hopefully this sharing will increase all our dimensions for understandingthe acquisition, maintenence and enjoyment of wealth. Please send yourstories and experiences to wealthfactors@garyascott.com


The twentieth most important factor that 733 millionaires feltcontributed to their success appears at first glance to have nothing to dowith money. The factor is (surprise-surprise) being physically fit!

I am not surprised because in my course Inspired Investing (free toInternational eClub members – see https://www.garyascott.com/eclub/ ) I stress howphysical well being is a vital key in making, keeping and enjoying wealthfrom at least three points of view.

Here are the three points.

First, from a money making point of view if your body is fit your mind ismore clear to focus on your business activity. There is a connectionbewteen how you feel and how you think. If your health is poor, you'll tryto find shortcuts so you don't have to exert yourself. If you lackphysical vitality, your spirit for taking chances, accepting risk isreduced. Poor health dims courage (courage to take financial risk is the13th most important reason for wealth). Energy is reduced (havingextraordiinary energy is the 19th most important reason for wealth).Millionaires have an energetic spirit and poor health can lower thisdynamic spark. When your head is aching, stomach grumbling or you justfeel down; it is certainly hard to be a go getter! Poor health bringspain, fogs the mind and distracts from the job on hand.

Second, from a keeping wealth point of view health care is one of thelargest markets in the U.S. today (over a trillion dollars a year). Moneypaid to the medical profession can sap income and capital. Medcical billscan destroy estates. Many Americans make the largest expenditure of theirlives in the last thirty minutes on this earth. Time at the doctor'soffice or in the hospital is time not spent impproving one's finacialaffairs. Poor health can be a serious financial drain.

Finally, from a fulfillment point of view who wants to feel bad? Thetypical western way of life is to work hard, save up so one can retire.Many of us become so caught up in this approach that we ignore taking careof our bodies. Finally, we build up a nest egg and retire. What happensnext, all too often people die, spend their money on medical costs or arenot physicaly able to do anything they would enjoy. Does this make sense?

Merri and I believe so much in incorporating healthy habits into our livesthat we have spent years and hundreds of thousands in pursuit of knowledgeof this subject. We have studied wth gurus, shamans, numerous types ofalternate health care professionals and have developed our own plan thathas worked immensely well for us. We have boundless energy. At an agewhen most people are giving thought to retirement we have had the energy tostart three completly new businesses one of which (our farm in NorthCarolina and plantation in Ecuador) require a lot of physical output. Wecan both wear clothes that we had in high school and often even our kidshave a tough time keeping up with us. We rarely have had even a cold andneither of us hae been to an M.D. for treatment in over a decade. When wespent last winter at the Incan Monastery we toiled in physical labor nearlyevery day and were able to keep up with the apprentices (most twenty yearolds who live a regime that would put a marine drill sargent to shame).We just feel darn good, active, vital and full of get up and go.

I don't want you to get the idea that I am one of those who always had ittogether either. By age 21, I was a heavy 220 pound (at barely 5 footeight inches), three packs of Marlboro a day smoker who drank twenty orthirty cups of coffee and way too much booze. By thirty I drank myself tosleep every night and consumed at least two bottles of wine and a lot ofhard liquor daily. By thirty five my health was so poor there were days Icould barely move. My physical life was falling apart and I realized I hadbetter straighten up if I wanted to live, much less maintain a business.Now nearly twenty years later I feel better than when I was a kid.

Our plan focuses on five areas of life: #1: good nutrition, #2: sufficientexercise #3: adequate sleep, #4: relaxation and #5: fulfillment/fun.

I started putting this plan into an orderly arrangement after visitingVilcabamba, the Ecuadorian valley (see http://www.littlehorsecreek.com/ for moreinfo on this valley) that is noted for its resident's super longevity. Weare now writing a book, which covers this plan in an easy to read enjoyableway (one of the golden rules in the plan is that every step has tofun-otherwise we won't stick to it). The working title of the book is”Good Life in Land of the Sun” and I will be uploading this forinternational eClub members (http://www.garyscott.com/eclub/ ) as it is written.

The plan unfolds in steps…the first being diet because this helpsincrease energy for the next step. Our diet incorporates three disciplineswe have learned-western, Indian (Ayurveda) and Incan and blends them into apractical easy to use lesson.

There is so much to share I can barely begin here but you can learn all asthe book unfolds at this site. To end here though (because I'm headed forDenmark next week and we are delighted that some of you are joining us)I'll share a couple are fun-energy building tricks for travellers. Manyof you like ourselves are on the run, travelling thousands of miles andcrossing dozens of time zones the year through. We have to perform well onthese trips even as we put enormous stress on our bodies. Here are a fewtricks we have learned over the millions of miles we have flown.

First, avoid peanuts on airplanes. In fact it's better to avoid saltedpeanuts completely. Our friend Taita Yatchak, who lives on theplantation is one of Ecuador's most noted healers of last resort and he wasamazed to see us eat roasted peanuts. “High in Uric Acid”, he said. OurIndian (from India) friends who are experts in Ayurveda (the 5000 year oldScience of Life) have also warned us away from peanuts as being very hardto digest. They are known as tamasic (meaning those things that destroyrather than build). Then imagine getting on a plane and crossing the oceanand a half dozen time zones which will throw off our digestion in itself.We in a dry dehydrating environment hard on the kidneys. These factorsalone are hard enough. To throw in a hard to digest food high in uric acidis like the kiss of death.

Second, avoid alcohol on airplanes. Dehydrating as well, hard on kidneys,and liver. Mixed with roasted peanuts! Ahhhhhh!

Third, sleep when travelling towards the sun. Stay awake when travelling away.We fly to Europe or Asia numerous times every year when I speak at seminarsthere. I have to get up the next day and conduct seminars often for eighthours which requires a clear mind and energetic body. All too often on theevening flight we have flown across with seminar delegates and watched asthey tuck into cocktails (peanuts!) heavy dinner, desserts and after dinnerliquors while we are settling down to sleep on the flight over.

We awake, have only a little breafast on the plane, and meet the Europeanmorning refreshed and ready to have a full day (but we go to bed early thefirst night). We meet up with the delegates who are dragging and beat.”Where on earth do you get your energy?” they ask.

Can't sleep on planes? Buy some Valerian tea at the health food store, askfor hot water and make your own tea. It tastes like what I imagine dirtygym socks would taste, but is a natural way to get to sleep. We also usemelatonin to restore the natural melatonin that is lost on endless timezones. Just buy a bottle of liquid from the health food store and take 20minutes before sleep.

We also avoid airplane water (except bottled) and the water we drink we addjust one drop of Rose Otto oil (for details you can contact Oil LadyAromatherapy). This makes a tasty rose water that aids digestion and thetime transition. We spray ourselves (head and face and air above us) withthe essential oil lavender misted with distilled water to combatdehydration and to refresh, cleanse and purify.

We carry one liter of water per person to drink on these flights. Also wedo use our frequent flyer miles and upgrade ourselves. There is moreoxygen, certainly more privacy and room in first class and because we bookas early as possible, we almost always are upgraded.

We wear an ionizer for extra air around our necks which brings us cleanair, needed negative ions and makes us feel fresher and cleaner. I thinkour main plan though is to eat little or nothing and not have a lot todigest on these long hauls…just some pure water, seeds and nuts are verysatisfying and of course that great book we've been wanting to read!

More tips will follow, but now I want to ask for you to share yourthoughts, ideas tips and experiences about health (good or bad). Send yourcomments to wealthfactors@garyascott.com and have good investing!