New Ways to Catch the National Psyche

by | Aug 14, 2002 | Archives

A salmon sun cuts the horizon ridge as the cabin fills with coffee smells. A passenger's cacophony rises as sleeping travelers wake to begin in another continent yet another day.

On our last London trip, I watched the sun rise over the Atlantic horizon and could not help but think about how traveling has expanded my business horizons over the decades. Each new trip adds so many ideas! Ideas are what business is all about.

Any time you can get new ideas on how to help others you have a new opportunity and travel opens ideas. Past messages have looked at the importance of tapping into the national – see – and while on my last London trip I learned a new idea about how to find out what business idea is hot.

On that trip I met with European list broker, Mike Chantry. Mike is an incredibly well informed marketer and every time I get to London we stop by to see him for a chat. This last journey was no exception and he told me how he had created a series of small booklets called the “Little Blue Books”. These were copied from an idea marketed by a Frenchman in the 20s. Each little Blue Book gave a simple book synopsis of an industry or idea, such as the Little Blue Book of Gambling, the Little Blue Book of Car Buying, the Little Blue Book of the Stock Market, etc. Mike explained that he sold tons of these little blue books and made a reasonable profit, but the real profit came form the information he received.

He could look into the English national psyche by seeing which book sold best and was able to build lists of people interested in those various subjects. That allowed him to keep reinventing his business as markets evolved.

I will never forget listing to an interview with the French singer Charles Aznavour. He is one of the highest paid singers in the world. When asked what the secret of his success was, he said it was because he tried so many things. He said many things did not work, but because he keeps trying something new things one thing does turn up that works well.

This is a secret of any business, international or not, keep searching for what is hot, what is new and do not be afraid to try different ideas. Keep looking for the national psyche and be willing to serve and you cannot fail!

Until next message, may all of your business be good.