Longevity and The Art of Love

by | Aug 12, 2002 | Archives

A black razor ridge cuts deeply against purple in a fading dusk. Horizons dim and lights blink on, yellow pools of comfort, in valley villages below. A chilled Andean breeze comes biding down the mountaintop whispering knowledge of hidden things, with universal love from the cracks, crevices and sky above.

Three of Ecuador's greatest assets are the volcanic Andes, Amazon and the sun. This combination has created soil and lifestyles so rich that some people live incredibly long lives, up to 130 years. This is why one of Merri's and my first destinations years ago was the valley of Vilcabamba. More on this at https://www.garyascott.com/ecuador/548/

There we learned that one of the keys to a long life is love. There is a tradition shared by the shamans in this region that this is the time for the Eagles of the north (the North Americans) and the Condor of the south (the South Americans) to fly in the skies together to enhance the equilibrium of mankind. They say that the eagle can teach the condor to use more of its mind and the condor can teach the eagle to use more of its heart.

The key to good health and success is to let the mind and heart work together. This is one reason why the people of Vilcabamba are so long lived. They remain active and involved in their community even in their eldest years. There are no rest homes down there!

But how can we remain active and involved in a positive way? Where do we start? The answer is that we start with love. Our son recently sent me a copy of some essays by John Burroughs, entitled the “Art of Seeing Things”. One essay included is from his book first published in 1908 entitled the “Leaf and Tendril” – see ht tp://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/158963506X/garyascot/ and here is a passage that our son underlined.

“The great mass of mankind are, in this respect like the rank and file of an army: they fire vaguely in the direction of the enemy, and if they hit, it is more a matter of chance than of accurate aim. But here and there is the keen eyed observer; he is the sharpshooter; his eyes selects and discriminates, his purpose goes to the mark.

“Even the successful angler seems born, and not made; he appears to know instinctively the ways of trout. The secret is, no doubt, love of the sport. “Love sharpens the eye, the ear, the touch; it quickens the feet, it steadies the hand, it arms against the wet and the cold. What we love to do, that we do well. To know is not all; it is only half. To love is the other half. Wordworth's poet was contented if he might enjoy the things which others understood. This is generally the attitude of the young and of the poetic. The man of science, on the other hand, is contented if he may understand the things that others enjoy: that is his enjoyment.” The message to me in this passage is clear. If we want to live longer lives, then we must begin to do what we enjoy. Surprisingly this is also the secret of wealth. See https://www.garyascott.com/inspired/36/ and https://www.garyascott.com/inspired/

This is a true test of truth, when it works in every aspect of life. For greater wealth and longevity, turn to your passion and let love rejuvenate you. Until next message I wish you love in every aspect of your life!