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We recently had a full house at our course “Beyond Logic” with Indian Pundit, D.S. Dixit. See

(You can see Dr. Dixit in this picture). The course really became interesting as we moved into the areas of quantum physics, which helped clarify in our western minds how quantum science and astrology support one another.

The connection is in wavelengths and wavelengths in the brain. We reached this point by looking at ourselves, the human being, as a part of nature (a unique view that western thinking all too often ignores).

We studied the illusion that we are solid and agreed that instead we are composed of molecules, small bits of something spinning around and separated by vast amounts of relative space.

Then we agreed that the molecules were not solid either and dropped further to the bits that composed them, atoms and agreed that these are also small bits are spinning around and separated by vast amounts of relative space.

Next we looked at how atomic bits are not solid either, but are composed of protons, electrons and neutrons, even smaller bits spinning in vast spaces. And these we saw are composed of even smaller bits, muons, quarks of several spins, also spinning in vast spaces. And we went even further into superstring theory, that these tiniest particles are composed of even smaller one dimensional strings of vibration that are the smallest bits which humanity has been able to conceive.

We looked at how the nature, amplitude, wavelength and frequency of these strings vibrating that formed the forces that make us. Spinning one way creates gravitons and gravity, other effects of the vibration create the strong and weak nuclear force and yet other aspects create the other forces upon which we are built.

Then we looked at how in deepest meditation, focus and concentration the wavelengths of our brain could actually have an impact on the vibration of these strings. In short, our thoughts can get in touch with and even alter the very existence of our universe. This is the wonder of true quantum stuff creating totally impossible realities such as entanglement. See

From this understanding we looked at how the position of the planets and stars could have an impact on us (as parts of nature) and how subatomic thoughts (called yagyas) created by specially trained individuals could alter this impact.

We looked at the ancient, 5,000 year old scriptures explaining this and reviewed how Jyotish astrologers worked with yagyas, then we shifted to how rocket scientists did a similar thing in a field called radionics, finally drawing a link between the two.

A special note for doubters (we have many readers asking me how I can ever believe in something like astrology) we have a nuclear physicist meeting with us here shortly to set up a seminar so those who doubt the ancient stuff can learn the same thing, in different words, from a real everyday rocket scientist who has been a friend and client for years. (If this interests you let me know at

Now comes the key. In this course we looked at how astrology, meditation and subatomic aspects could help our health. We saw how health care can be divided into at least five levels: gross, chemical, herbal, homeopathic and energetic. Then we tied these all together.

If a person breaks an arm for example, he may need all five levels of help. First certainly may need gross help (surgery, bone setting, casts, etc.) to repair the physical damage. Next may well need chemical assistance, an unusually overpowering shot of some form of energy to help the one time healing process at the molecular level. Herbal food supplements may also help the body restore atomic damage. Deeper subatomic manifestations fixed with homeopathic (incredibly diluted forms of herbs and chemicals) and at the most subatomic level, energetic medicine, (meditation, distance healing, yagyas, chanting, etc.) may repair misalignments in energetic patterns in the charkas and at the deepest level of existence that may even stop behavior that caused the break to begin with!

Then we saw how in fact every type of healing, even our food and exercise are ultimately energetic (this explains why a loving, caring M.D. will have better results than one who is just after the bucks. The loving one uses at least two dimensions of care). Some work only at the gross level and with the energy of their love others work in at least two levels.

During the course we examined how Beyond Chelation works – see – at the herbal level and how BIRM – see seems to work at three levels.

Finally this course showed how all medicine is dose! This was perhaps the most important understanding of all. Balance, at every level of life. This is the trick. I hope we have a chance to meet with you at our next course on health that we will conduct this fall. See

Until next message, may all your healings be good!


P.S. Here are some health ideas from readers. The first comes from my M.D., one of the best healers I have ever met and listed as one of the 100 best doctors in the US.

“Dear Gary,

I have been taking Beyond Chelation for over three years. It is slower that IV chelation but people that I recommend it to keep coming back for more as they experience a remarkable increased vitality.”

J S M.D. Florida

“Merri and Gary,

At age 35 I began having breakouts of acne that has lasted for 5 years. I bought BIRM Cream and though I have had a lot of problems lately I have not had a single breakout after taking it.

RI, Germany

“Wanted to keep you posted. Dad had a full physical exam yesterday — his doctor and nurse are AMAZED at his progress. They just cannot believe he is doing so well considering the dosages of radiation he is receiving. The doctor spent a considerable amount of time trying to locate the lymph node that was the largest tumor. He was stunned that it took him so long to find what he was able to find — it was a snap prior! They said they had never seen a radiation patient handle this treatment so well! Personal friends who have had family, etc., go through radiation can't believe how well he's doing either! We are convinced it is the BIRM — and his positive mind and his faith.”

WT, Oregon

“Gary & Merri,

The only comment I have to make is that I have been using Beyond Chelation. It is very effective.

SW, Ecuador

“Gary & Merri,

Your subtle regime of exercise, climbing up and down hills daily, was a much needed reminder to continue to do the same. Without the week with this exercise I could never have made it through Heathrow, from Termial 4 to Terminal 1, truly a marathon that is! Merri, your wonderful cooking deserves very special thanks. Everything was delicious. I'm now using close to your ingredients but I miss a lot in the result and long for a recipe or two. Thank you again for an inspiring week, for sharing so generously your life and lifestyle which are both beautiful.”

NH, Ireland