The Money Game

by | Jul 19, 2002 | Archives

When the market is crashing and CEOs, accountants, brokers, analysts and many other business leaders are being shown to be corrupt, it is refreshing to see CEOs and businesses that are ethical and doing well.

I noted the article “Ethics don't always pay, but lack of them always hurts” on July 5 of USA TODAY, which listed the 20 top performing companies and their CEOS. The top ten performers are listed below. Perhaps we can learn a little more. If any of you know why any of these companies are doing so well, let me know and we'll share this with everyone! Future messages could look at these firms and why they have succeeded in such difficult times.

If you don't know anything, ask around and share with us what you learn.

Here are the companies and how their shares have performed since the S&P peaked and fallen 38%.

	Company                      CEO                             Share Rise

AmerisourceBergen R David Yost 364%

Lockheed Martin Vance Coffman 238%

Pepsi Bottling John Cahill 210%

Apollo Group Todd Nelson 206%

United Health Group Willaim McQuire 202%

Reebok Martin Coles 202%

St Jude Medical Terry Shepperd 174%

SLM Albert Lord 170%

AutoZone Steve Odland 165%

International Game Tech G Thomas Baker 159%

Until next message, good global investing.