92 and still going strong part 3

by | Jul 17, 2002 | Archives

Yesterday's message was part two of an examination of USA Today's July 5 article, entitled “Scandals Nothing New to Business Guru”, how it shared a message from Peter Drucker one of the foremost management consultants in America and how a deeper look provides several valuable lessons. See https://garyascott.com/inspired/597/

The most valuable lesson of all is that here is a man who is 92 and still going strong! Turn your passion into profit! Have your own business that suits you and chances are you will live longer!

Drucker provides several clues for his longevity and success. Although he still works hard, he is well rounded. The article states: “If he is a workaholic, he is a well rounded one. He is completing a three year project of rereading all of Shakespeare's plays.”

We can learn from this the importance of cross training. Connecting the dots is what business is all about and knowing things other than just business is absolutely great for business.

We saw yesterday that he loves the people he works with. They become his friends. Finally the article shows that he is philosophic when it quotes him as saying in a reflective moment, “At my age, one does not ask for a long life, but for an easy death. I've been on the job 24 hours, seven days a week since I was 20.”

One more thing we can learn is what he says in the end. “I am an old consultant. Do as I say, not as I do.” This confirms what we have been sharing at my web site for years. The era of the guru is dead. See https://garyascott.com/inspired/205/

So I recommend reading Peter Drucker's latest book “Managing in the Next Society” – see http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0312289774 – read the whole article in USA Today at www.usatoday.com and join me in Copenhagen, August 28 through September 3 where one of our sessions will be on good health and longevity as well as investing and business!

Until next message I hope all your business and investing is inspired.