Hook, Line, Sinker & Bait

by | Jul 11, 2002 | Archives

Wonderful stories from readers about how our emails have improved every aspect of their lives have led to the creation of a new way to increase income. Consequently, a business concept of using a hook, line, sinker and bait to increase your income and assure permanent wealth will be shared for the first time in public at the course in Copenhagen.

This idea only presented here on the farm is helping readers make dramatic, positive improvements in their lives, even though the press would like to tell us how bad times are. For example one graduate of my business course wrote:

“My export business here is taking off!!!! thanks to you and your lovely wife! Surprisingly, I have obtained a client base that wants custom made silver works! Apparently, the prices here are about one third compared to Europe! I have also sold several Statues from Ibarra and some vestments as well. Also!!! I am getting married to my Ecuadorian girlfriend here next week! Things are good in Ecuador. I am living in an apartment in colonial Downtown Quito in a restored 18th Century school. You were a big help to me when I first arrived.”

Kathleen Peddicord publisher of International Living wrote about another delegate who came to our joint IL Course last year, Ecuador Business Made EZ. Here's what she wrote:

Last time I visited our Local Office in Quito, I walked in to find the place full of treasures. Ecuadorian baskets, blankets, musical instruments…here and there a large painted box…a painted table and chairs…some masks… The next morning, I met the owner of those treasures. Wandi Stewart, an IL subscriber who has built her own little import business, with profits of as much as 800% on some items she ships from Ecuador back to the States. After spending a week in the company of fellow IL readers on a recent Ecuador tour, Wandi arranged a free three-week stay at a hotel in Quito, in exchange for her consultations with the hotel on U.S. catering and hospitality strategies.

While in the country, she visited the Otavalo and Cotacacci markets, where she met local artisans and bought several pieces of artwork, a tapestry, and some clothing. She brought these gifts home to Atlanta, to give away to her friends and family.

But the response to her gifts shocked her: “People were just amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the things I had brought back,” says Wandi. “So I asked my friends, 'Would you actually pay for these things?'” Her friends not only gave her a resounding “yes,” but placed orders for her next trip.

A few weeks later, Wandi returned to Ecuador, met several local artists whose work she liked, and shipped back about 800 pounds of tapestries, blankets, musical instruments, masks, clothing, paintings, and other local crafts. Upon her return to the States, she sold everything she had bought.

The paintings she was able to mark up as much as 800%. Hammocks sold for 600% more than she had paid. “It's more work than I've ever done,” Wandi told me. “But it's a lot of fun. I spend my days in markets, museums, and art galleries, and I get to meet people I'd never have the chance to meet otherwise. On my last trip to Ecuador, for example, I felt like I was on safari, trying to track down a mask artist who lived high in the mountains outside Otavalo. There were no phones or street signs. Finally I stumbled upon the village…and was able to strike a deal.”

Importing is now Wandi's full-time occupation. She's given up her other obligations in the United States (before this, her only experience in sales was in the catering business). Now she plans to travel to Ecuador every few weeks to hand-select her products. She'll be returning again at the end of this month.The point is, starting your own import business can be more than just a dream.

These two readers have not only increased their income they have expanded their horizons and gained rich, new insights into life (and even a beautiful wife). All of this has happened to them during a time when the newspapers and TV are just full of how bad the world economy is!

This is why as you read this message Merri, my mother and daughters and I are flying to London to talk up a storm on ways to increase income and enhance wealth through your own business. I am focusing this year on “Hook, Line, Sinker and Bait” business secrets that can help everyone start or improve their own business and enhance their investments. I'll share this first in London and Copenhagen and then in our upcoming courses on International business conducted here at the farm in October and again in Orlando this November. See https://garyascott.com/courses/

Until then, may all your business be good!