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by | Jul 3, 2002 | Archives

Yesterday we looked at a business idea that could do a lot of poor people some good – see

As businesspeople we could help the war-torn Balkans in a genuine, business like way. This ties in so much with last week's message on Inspired Investing which looked at Business Compassion. See

The theme was that we as business people, investors or consumers can weave a positive contribution (beyond money) in the fabric of society. The idea invoked this reply from a reader who is a professor in Israel.

“What a beautiful and valuable lesson, my congratulations. As a religious person, this is very meaningful to me. I shall incorporate this concept in my Advanced Project Management course, here at the university.”

My reply: Love and compassion is what the world needs most now and we must use small businesses to inject a kick-start of these emotions into society. We can see that these qualities are sadly lacking in the military, political, religious and big business leaders of the world.

This idea is catching on though. A new book, “Good Business” by Steve Hilton and Giles Gibbons is currently being marketing in London by the publishing house Texere. You can get more details at

GOOD BUSINESS is about why anti-globalization activists are rattling the world's most powerful corporations. Enron threatens to make capitalism a dirty word. September 11th has prompted a long overdue focus on the importance of global co-operation and community. How should big business respond?

This is a radical manifesto for capitalism, the authors argue that it's time for companies to start becoming the solution to the world's problems, and stop being seen as the cause; to start using their cultural influence, unique capabilities and grass-roots presence for widespread social good.

In 1997 STEVE HILTON and GILES GIBBONS founded Good Business, a London based consulting firm, which advises companies on how they can help themselves by helping society. It is Britain's first social marketing company with clients including Coca Cola, Sky TV, DaimlerChrysler, Nike, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and McDonald's. Early inspiration for the company came when both Steve and Giles managed and raised private sector funds for an award-winning anti-racism campaign for the UK's Commission for Racial Equality.

Nothing can change the world as fast as consumers. In this role and as investors and business people, we can do more than any political, religious or military leader. Now that's a thought that can make us all inspired!

Until next message may all your investing be inspired!