A great place to be?

by | Jul 2, 2002 | Archives

How about taking a trip to Hvar? Hav? Huh?

As pointed out in last Friday's message, the world continually changes. So does our list of great places to be, yet if we listen to the daily press, we miss the real opportunities because they are the places where the media chase people away. So wouldn't it be fun to think that a great place to be is now Croatia!

Who would have thought? Yet I have seen some pictures that tell a convincing story.

For years we have traveled with our friend and travel agent Marilyn King who now lives in the Prague. She is always discovering new places and recently she took a trip to the Hvar in the Mediterranean and reports,

“Hvar was beautiful….(though my accommodations were a dump… so will not talk about it). Picture a run down hotel with one of the most beautiful seasides ever… which served as a refugee camp during the Bosnian war. It could be breathtaking if refurbished!!”

This started me thinking about business opportunities and tours! Places are emerging all over the world. People are wanting visitors to come. Opportunity is springing up all over. Marilyn's family is originally from Eastern Europe, so she has left her life in the US and is searching out opportunities there in Eastern Europe. What a great idea!

We encourage you to go out into the world and find those special places just ready to be awakened by you. The miracle is when you do this, you'll find that these places also awaken you! Please do keep in touch and let us know what you find!

Check the pictures out yourself at www.flighttoquality.com/CROATIA

Plus would it not be nice, after reading everyday how business leaders have again and again ripped off the public, to do some business that really did some people in need good? This is real business compassion as outlined in last week's Inspired Investing message.

For more information write to marilyn@flighttoquality.com

I hope wherever you are is a great place to be!