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by | Jun 24, 2002 | Archives

We had a huge response to last week's message on Quantum Mechanics and its affect on our attitudes and health. For example this reader wrote:

“I just read your Quantum message am so glad to see you sharing this truth with all of others. I have worked as a psychiatric nurse for more than thirty years, and as a truth seeker, have come to understand and know we do indeed create our own realities. The trick is to catch onto what we are creating in advance and where we are creating it from – the conscious self or the sub/unconscious self. This is the key to everything we experience in life. Therefore we are never the victims of anyone else, just of our own creations! Of course, we are at liberty to blame others, but in so doing, we give away our power. So even if others are to blame, at least in part, for our discomfort and misfortunes, if we take responsibility for being Cause and Source of what we are experiencing, we empower ourselves to change what we are experiencing with developing insight and understanding. The alternative is to try to change others so we can change what we are creating and experiencing. Fat chance! Besides, we have no control over how they change even if we could control THAT they change. Bottom line, it is best for my survival and well being that I take responsibility even if on some level of reality, I am not truly responsible as I like to feel empowered to change my life and enhance my well being without needing to change others. I believe and understand that our problems are created out of our beliefs, and that to heal our bodies, emotions and minds, we need to uncover the beliefs that created them in the first place and are continuing to hold them in place. When we have learned how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind, we can probably heal the most horrific diseases we have created for ourselves to experience. So, we need to replace our faith in our doctors with awareness of the doctor within. I could say more, but that is probably enough for now. Besides, I am suffering from a stomach ache I gave myself last evening!”

These points are so true and it is wonderful to see it coming from those in the traditional medical field.

Here is another letter from a reader that links to a very interesting site (which I am still pondering).

“Thank you VERY MUCH for this WONDERFUL and clear explanation of Quantum Mechanics. This is exactly the type of information that needs to get out to, and be understood by, all people all over the world, and the Internet is now probably the easiest and fastest way we have of doing this.

I'm curious. Where did you learn about this? And did you and or Merri write this E-mail, or was it someone else? This whole subject has been shrouded in so many confusing 'scientific' terms for so many years, that it has been very difficult to grasp for most people. Now, your E-mail presents a refreshing and much more understandable overview of this complex (to our little brains) subject.

“By the way, have you considered the impact of QM on what we have, until now, called 'the Scientific Method'? Kind of blows it out of the water, doesn't it? Ahh, well, more wonderful things to contemplate.

“If you would like to see some more, really in-depth information on this subject, I can suggest this web site – http://www.cheniere.org/


The cheniere site poses a real problem for me. When I read things so far beyond my comprehension I find it hard to determine their credibility. This is when connecting dots and using the As above, so Below technique works so well. Here is another note from a reader.

“Hello, again Gary,

“What a great article. I am just fascinated about Quantum physics and a firm believer in the power of thought and spirit!

Here is something that you could probably apply to you 'Inspired Investing' series. For those who have the resources to jump into emerging markets that have great potential this might prove to be a valuable tip on Quantum physics and investing opportunity:

FORBES ALERT: Wall Street's Next Big Shocker (Nanotechnology)

Here is some pretty hot dope from Forbes on the next upcoming revolution in manufacturing that will really move us into the 21st Century – Nanotechnology.

definition: The branch of technology that deals with the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

where nano is: . one thousand-millionth part (symbol n), as nanolitre -metre, -volt, -watt. Also NANOSECOND.

The following site provide a brief introduction to the core concepts of molecular nanotechnology, followed by links to further reading. http://www.zyvex.com/nano/

Nano technology is indeed likely to be one of the great moving forces in the next industrial wave. The potential to improve health, to alter the entire path of our society lays in this technology. So readers agree. Good health is dramatically affected by our attitude and our attitude comes from somewhere. I hope you can find the source of yours as it contains the most profound power you will ever know! Until next message, good health!