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by | Jun 20, 2002 | Archives

At the International Business Made EZ course we start tomorrow the delegates will do more than just learn how to create, focus, finance and market their products. We'll soak some in the healing waters of the Indian's Trough see, enjoy a local ballad singer round a bonfire (after roasting some gourmet vegetarian hotdogs on sticks), and a masseur will treat those who desire, to an hour and a half of deep relaxation accompanied by the soft gurgles of the creek.

In addition, delegates will learn an ageless business solving technique that employs meditation, but is designed for the hard working businessman who needs to make much numerous decisions at a faster and faster pace.

My assumption is that science is nothing but the process of gaining a better understanding of the inner workings of God. If so, this process works at the Quantum Mechanical level. I'll say a bit more about Quantum Mechanics in a moment, but first let me outline the technique.

Whenever you have a decision to make (this can work for decisions about investing as well as business), sit down and write for a few minutes every single thing you can think of that relates to this decision or question. This is a private, personal brainstorming session, so let any thought you have fly. This is an important part of the tactic because the process of writing integrates the neural muscular system. In short you are locking the data about your decision into every aspect of your being.

Next relax and meditate for ten minutes, using whatever meditative technique you know or use. Forget (if you can) everything about the decision you have to make. If it stays on your mind though that's okay as well. If you do not know or use a meditation technique, I highly recommend that you learn one (some sources are listed below). The power of meditation and prayer have long been scientifically proven. Each moves you closer to the Quantum state (in brain wave terms, you move into deeper brain wave patterns of Alpha and Theta and the integration of frontal and rear and left and right brain hemispheres improves). Or you can say that prayer and meditation bring you closer to God. The reality is you think at a deeper level! (I have heard others say that prayer is talking to God and meditation is letting your mind settle down so you can listen to God.)

When you finish the ten minutes of meditation immediately write down whatever thoughts that come to you as you are writing. These thoughts will help, clarify and bring to the foremost the keys to help you make the right decision.

What this decision making process does is focuses your entire body on the decision and then takes you to a deeper level of intelligence where this focus can be applied. The wisdom we all possess is profound and this technique taps depths beyond our logic. Yesterday we looked at how looking outward (via astrology) can help us make decision see

This technique helps us look inward to make decisions. In many instances the answers come from such a deep root of knowledge that our intellect not language can cope with them. How can we comprehend aspects of our being which even the Quantum Scientists have not yet been able to explain. We may come up with and know things that we cannot explain. When this happens, the answers will often come in code, much like dreams, so if after using this tactic you find that your thoughts were on green alligators and flying elephants, do not discount this. Write down whatever comes to you when your pencil was in hand! If you reflect on this an answer will almost certainly appear or you will get a signal. Maybe if you were asking yourself what new exciting thing can you do in your life and later in the day you see a circus wagon with green alligators and flying elephants the answer is “Join the circus!” or perhaps “go see in London or listen to Cirque du Soleil!” Or maybe if you are asking questions about your job and your mind was on rats running along a football field the answer in language may be “get out of the rat race!” This process unlocks your intuition as well as your intelligence. Merri and I rarely make an important decision without this and then we pray asking for our intellect to come up with the right answer that is best for all parties concerned.

Because we are increasingly forced in this rapidly changing world to make more decisions without knowing the future, this deliberate meditation tactic can be invaluable. I hope it helps make your International Business EZ!