Perpetual motion machine

by | Jun 20, 2002 | Archives

Timing is everything. I recently discovered this while solving a huge problem. Merrily Farms has over 250 acres. Much of the farm is in meadow and in the spring the grass grows like wildfire. We spend more time and money on mowing than I would like. In past years we mitigated this by allowing our neighbor to graze his cows in the upper fields. Then he sold them off. Darn! We weren't displeased though, as cows do quite a bit of environmental damage and after building our ponds, we knew we could not continue with them.

The solution, I came upon was an amazing discovery, an incredible five horsepower instrument that could keep the grass down and yet did not consume a nickel's worth of labor or fuel! My mind soared. This was something better than perpetual motion and I began to envision how it could be used for things other than just clipping the grass. I saw modes of transportation, communication, even entertainment that could be gained.

I devised an entire plan and then showed it to a dear friend who is a neighbor. He explained how the idea was perfect but the timing wrong. Here's a look at the five horse power perpetual motion machine and you will understand why.

My neighbor kindly explained to me that this was a great idea 100 years ago! Timing IS everything, isn't it?

May I introduce you to our new herd of professional lawn mowers here at Merrily Farms? The gelding you see running alone is Blaze and the other four are Goliath (a young Tennessee Walker), Lucy (the Appaloosa) and Flow and Harriet (the Bay quarter horses).

Merri obtained these horses free using the power of quantum thinking, astrology and the meditative technique in my recent message and prayer. We felt that having horses would add benefits to the farm, (after all we are on Little Horse Creek) but we did not want to spend a fortune acquiring them. We used this meditative technique and Merri began to follow any lead that appeared. She kept looking in the local paper, knowing that something good would happen. Our astrologer had told her years ago that people would actually give her land, valuables, her heart's desires, etc! So we were patient.

Merri saw one person continually offering horses for sale and called her to discover that this owner had a batch of horses. Yet they were her babies and almost every person who had called had seemed unsuitable to give the right care. She wanted thousands for these fine horses. Merri remembered what was in the stars and counter offered. “We'll give them a wonderful home and won't charge you a penny”. This offer took real faith as it seems illogical that an owner would let go of her beloved pets for nothing when others were offering thousands. Yet she liked and trusted Merri and that is what she did. She even hired horse trailers to bring them all the way out here in the country. We have already gained so much pleasure from these beauties and it fills a nice void in Merri's life as she grew up with herds of horses.

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