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by | Jun 20, 2002 | Archives

Yesterday's message was about the Quantum aspects of life and health and how this explains how the tiny particles that compose us have such an important aspect on our attitude.

Quantum mechanics also helps us understand what astrology is about and why it works. If the movement of minute particles of energy separated by billions of relative miles moved by our intention can affect our health, so can the movement of the huge particles that swirl above us in space.

This is why we have a Vedic astrologer from India come visit with us each year.

I have found Vedic Astrology an incredible help when it comes to making decisions that we cannot make with logic. For example our daughter Elle has just graduated from University in London with a degree in dramatic arts. Her question to Merri and me was “Should I go for a career in singing or go on and get a teacher's certificate in Physical Education?” (She is a superb athlete as well as an aspiring singer.)

We all agreed that becoming a singer is a long shot. Teaching is safe. But we knew that her passion is to shoot for being a star. So how would she feel in later life if she didn't try?

So Merri had our Vedic astrologer check her Vedic chart. The astrologer knew nothing about Elle but said that two months ago she moved into a cycle for three years when her best thing would be the performing arts, entertaining, etc. That was enough to convince me. Go for it, I encouraged here. You're young, try it for three years and if this does not work then, let's look again. Within a week she was picked as a backup singer with a popular English rock group and her first gig before 4,000 fans is next month!

The foundation of our health and wealth (as we've discussed before) is our attitude. Plus the foundations of a successful life are hard work, the willingness to serve and a positive attitude. The roots of this positive attitude are in the energy around us as well as in the stars.

But our logic often rebels at a science that is so difficult to measure. Beyond Logic The inability to measure the results of astrology used to bother me enormously until years ago I read an article about Aristotle Onassis, the ultra rich Greek shipping magnate. He gave the secret of being a billionaire that helped me look beyond my logic.

“Certainly one does not need an astrologist to become a millionaire.” Then he quickly added that “to become a billionaire, it is essential.” This statement was made long ago when being a billionaire was pretty darn rare.

Onassis' statement really struck a chord with me as my many years of residence in Hong Kong had exposed me to many businessmen who looked beyond logic. I heeded the astrological advice because the Chinese are very into what some might consider offbeat and unreal, but there were more billionaires per capita in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world!

In fact the more I thought about this, the more it made sense. To make billions one has to take enormous risks and see a big picture far into an invisible future.

We all have to make some decisions based on events we cannot totally predict, but successful billionaires make huge decisions based on enormous unknowns. It requires incredible faith to take incredible risks. None of us can see the whole picture but Astrology, albeit vaguely, helps us see the biggest picture of all.

Astrology is a way of viewing events beyond our logic and understanding.

So years ago I started using astrology. I chose Eastern (Indian) Vedic astrology called Jyotish and the information provided by my yearly consults has been of enormous information to me. Let me explain its value and then tell you about a special opportunity that is coming up soon when my Jyotishi, Dr. Devashankar Dixit, comes from New Delhi, India for his annual visit with us.

First let me be clear, I do not use astrology to make day- to-day business decisions. Most things get worked out with logic and thought. But astrology in my business provides an overlay, giving a sense of when to push, when to pull back, when times are ripe for opportunity and not.

Merri and I review our charts once a year when Dr. Dixit visits us-(we fly him from India to do so). He has been amazingly correct. For example a number of years back my chart showed problems with government authorities. Sure enough a two-year tax audit ensued, beginning almost on the day predicted. However I was told this would bring me money and this suggestion was right! My refund (I had been overpaying) amounted to over $70,000.

Another year we were told that Merri would come into a long period of years where people would just give her valuable things including land and houses. That knowledge helped us make the decision to buy our farm here, despite the fact it had not been surveyed and the sellers would not agree to a reduced price if the survey turned up less land than they said. The result? The farm was 31 acres more than expected. We received this great gift free!

Another year my chart suggested I should reduce my equity load. This matched my logical concerns about an inflated stock market. Thus I was 90% in bonds when the US stock market bombed. I could share numerous additional tales and many of my clients have been enormously helped by consulting with vedic astrologers. What is Jyotish? Jyotish is a branch of ancient Vedic knowledge concerned with relationships and their influence in time and space. Jyotish is mathematically precise and contains the knowledge of the cycles of time that bring about all transformations. It explains how changes and developments are experienced in life.

Dr. Dixit is from a family of Brahmin priests in India who, for many generations, have taught Sanskrit and used Vedic Astrology. He has a Master's degree in Indian philosophy with specialization in the theory of Karma or Karmic cycle. Dr. Dixit is devoted to helping people with astrological consultations and through his extensive Vedic knowledge. Profits in the Stars Join Merri and me here at Merrily Farms Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 5-7 to learn more about astrology with Dr. Dixit.

Gain knowledge as you enjoy the mountain winds that drift and whisper through giant hemlock and pine here at Merrily Farms. Enjoy the mountain countryside and smell of fresh cut grass that drifts buoyant in the Blue Ridge spring. Let frog songs serenade you from their limpid ponds, golden in the setting sun. Partake with us of our organic crops. Wear shorts. Enjoy the afternoon sun. Jump in Little Horse Creek. Sit in cool pools. Relax under the old Black Walnut tree. Dry in the grass as you think about opportunities we'll share here with you. Meditate and rest.

In most places money cannot buy these simple but incredible pleasures so I invite you to share them here on the farm as we search for and examine ways to personalize the wealth making process for you.

Join us. Learn, relax, unwind. Enjoy nature, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the farm. Drink our fresh spring fed water, breathe the pure air. Soak in the healing waters of the Indian Trough. Be blinded by the brilliant stars. Sing with the crickets. Make new friends and build valuable contacts. Dr. Dixit will speak informally on worldwide subjects. Last year he explained to us here on the farm the influences of the US, politics, currencies, oil and gas…all of which helped us to invest and live more wisely. This is limited to just a few.

We have farm houses, cabins, a wonderfully converted guest barn and Homer Buffalo Tipis – You can see pictures and get more details at our site

Add a vacation. Stay an extra night or two. Merrily Farms sits near many recreational facilities include the Virginia Creeper (a forty mile wilderness bicycle path), the Appalachian Trail, New River Kayaking and Canoeing, the old scenic town of Blowing Rock and of course hiking on the farm, through deep forest, open meadows and up to mountain views. The course begins early Friday July 5 so you should plan to arrive Thursday July 4th for a celebration bon fire and vegetarian hot dog roast that evening. We end Sunday July 7. $299 or $349 for a double including your rooms. We will also serve you all meals at no charge as you will be our guest (we eat out on the deck overlooking the creek.)

I hope to see you here!